Hunter Moore Net Worth: Everyone Want to Know His Early Life, Career, Personal Life & Much More!


Early Years

On March 9th, 1986, Hunter Moore was born in Sacramento, California. Before quitting school at a young age, Moore attended Woodland High School.

Hunter Moore Net Worth

In his room, Moore is claimed to have a framed T-shirt from his first successful business venture, proving that he is also an entrepreneur. After being expelled from a private Christian school in the eighth grade, he started the T-shirt business.

He was a DJ before he rose to fame for creating and running a revenge porn website.

Defamation verdict

James McGibney, the founder of Bullyville, was awarded $250,000 in a defamation action against Moore on March 8, 2013, after Moore allegedly referred to McGibney as a “pedophile” and implied that he would rape his wife.

Private Life

Living in Woodland, California, Moore grew up.

He was ejected from Woodland Christian School, which he had attended. He later dropped out of Woodland High School at the age of thirteen.

Hunter Moore Net Worth

For a while, Moore stayed with his grandmother because he was afraid he would be murdered in his sleep due to frequent death threats.

He cannot use Facebook as a result of his dispute.

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FBI Investigation

The mother of one of the victims, Charlotte Laws, spent two years gathering information from more than 40 victims before giving it to the FBI. When nude pictures and videos were posted on the website in 2012, Moore and a fellow hacker named Charles Evens (also known by the handle “Gary Jones”) were accused of engaging in hacking-related activities.

Hunter Moore Net Worth

In the end, he was the target of numerous lawsuits and an FBI inquiry. He was also stabbed in the shoulder with a pen by a woman who was featured on the website. He additionally threatened to torch The Village Voice’s offices if they aired a piece about his FBI investigation, but the article was still published.

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Hunter Moore’s Net Worth

Hunter Moore’s net worth is projected to be $1.5 million as of 2022. According to reports, Moore is the wealthiest criminal, and all of his fortune came from the illicit porn website he built.

After blowing all of his money on parties, Moore started in 2010. When his plan to share his wild partying adventures on the site failed to gain traction, everything started to go south.

Hunter Moore Net Worth

Additionally, he generated $8000 to $13000 in ad revenue each month, generating 30 million page views. Despite the fact that all of the legal troubles he had to deal with must have hurt his fortune.

Moore’s book, which he wrote after being let out of prison, is also anticipated to bring him more revenue. The Netflix documentary series The Most Hated Man on the Internet might bring in a lot of money for him as well. Combining all of them has likely resulted in him becoming adequately wealthy.

Plea of Guilt and Arrest

On charges of conspiracy, illegal access to a secured computer, and severe identity theft, Moore was detained in 2014. Two days later, he was released from the Sacramento County Jail after posting a $100,000 bond.

Hunter Moore Net Worth

The FBI was present while he destroyed the archives he owns for the Is Anyone Up? database, as required by law. Posts on his Twitter account started to appear in 2015, precisely one year after his incarceration, signaling that he had come back online.

After serving 2.5 years in federal prison, Moore entered a guilty plea to counts of aggravated identity theft and inciting unauthorized access to a computer. He was sentenced to three years of supervised release. Moore was released from prison in 2017.

While being accused of identity theft and computer hacking, his coworker Charles Evens reportedly acknowledged downloading hundreds of pictures from women’s email accounts and selling them to Moore.

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