14 Incredible McDonald’s Hacks that Will Alter Your Life

14 Incredible Mc Donald's Hacks That Will Alter Your Life

14 Incredible Mc Donald’s Hacks That Will Alter Your Life

There aren’t many folks who don’t recognize the value of a McDonald’s meal. Who, after all, can resist grabbing a mouthwatering, reasonably priced McMuffin before McDonald’s breakfast hours(opens in new tab) end?

If you’re frugal, you can feed everyone for less than you would pay for one basic plate at most other places, making it a perfect family outing with food, (if you’re lucky) a soft-play area, and iPads that the kids can spill milkshake on.


Even though Maccy’s is already a blessing in many ways (as a treat, of course), there are some tricks you can use to make your meals there even more reasonable and delectable.

All of these methods have been identified by past or current McDonald’s personnel, so you can be sure it’s insider information worth knowing, whether it’s “secret menu” items your waiter might prepare for you if you ask nicely or simple tricks you’ve GOT to try to make your order stretch further.

1.) Place a Hash Brown Cheeseburger Order.

A tasty McDonald’s breakfast is a favorite among most customers. While McMuffins are life(! ), the restaurant’s famous hash browns are undoubtedly what set its breakfast apart.

You will never be able to find a hash brown quite like it, no matter where you look or how hard you try.


The drawback is that when 10.30 am rolls around, the potato delicacies are put away and the burger menu appears on menu boards, placing the two in separate realms that are both nearby and yet so far away.

But one clever customer discovered a method to combine the well-known potato side with a traditional cheeseburger to create the perfect gastronomic treat. And it all depends on that 10.30 switchover.

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2. To Save Money, Swap a Double Cheeseburger for A Big Mac.

It appears that there is a clever way to get the renowned (and expensive) burger at half off.

Warning though, it does require a lot of labor.


Simply go to one of the restaurant’s self-service kiosks and place an order for a Double Cheeseburger. When it comes to additional toppings, including mayonnaise, onions, mustard, pickles, and lettuce (i.e. all the glorious fillings of a tasty Big Mac).

The third bread layer (which makes it too heavy anyway) and (tear!) the fabled Big Mac sauce would be the only two things lacking.

However, some clients claim that if you request it, the staff will add it to your creation.

Despite the extra work, you’ll save money by getting the burger for £1.59 as opposed to £3.19.

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3. Use the Ketchup Flap on Your Fries Box.

Apparently, there is a purpose for the perforated borders on the side of our fries box because they can be folded down to create a diving board-like device for our ketchup.

14 Incredible Mc Donald's Hacks That Will Alter Your Life

Just give the fries back with the ketchup on the flap to prevent spills, and think of the hassle this will save you on family road trips.

4. Make a Plate Out Of Your Child’s Happy Meal Box.

Why have we just learned about this useful hack that converts McDonald’s Happy Meal boxes into little trays when our kids have consumed hundreds of them?


With this approach, carrot sticks (well, fries, but we try) are considerably simpler for small hands to pick up, resulting in far less mess throughout the meal. Consider our brains completely blown. There is even a little perforated seam along the bottom of each box to make removing the top half simple.

5. Always Request a Receipt.

Apparently, receiving a delicious, fresh burger or one that has been hanging around for hours depends on asking for a receipt.

Kamran Adam, a McDonald’s employee, shared the intriguing tip on the online community Quora, explaining that staff are more likely to give you a fresh burger if you ask for a receipt because they might assume you’re a mystery shopper—someone who visits various establishments to evaluate the food and service.


For compensation considerations, mystery shoppers are required to obtain receipts, thus according to Kamran, doing so might motivate staff to go above and beyond to ensure that you have a positive experience.

6. Maximize the benefits of your McFlurry

We are all familiar with the challenge of trying to balance the ice cream to topping ratio on a McFlurry, but with that much topping, it will never reach the bottom.

14 Incredible Mc Donald's Hacks That Will Alter Your Life

Fans of Flurry will be thrilled to learn that adding extra toppings is as simple as asking for them! Apparently, for just 20p more, you can get as many sauce squirts or spoonfuls of chocolate as you want.

7.) Five-Star Mc Donald’s Service Is Guaranteed.

Like the majority of chains, McDonald’s is evaluated by mystery shoppers. Gapbuster Time is referred to as the period between 12 and 2 and 5 and 7.

14 Incredible Mc Donald's Hacks That Will Alter Your Life

Your server will think you’re a genuine “gapbuster” if you visit during these hours and request a receipt along with your order; as a result, you’ll receive the best service that £3.49 can buy.

8.) Prepare Your Shake Order.

Can’t decide between a chocolate, strawberry or vanilla shake?


You can ask for a Neapolitan, which is a combination of all three. Mmmmm, lovin’ it.

9.) Purchase McDonald’s in Multiples

Okay, so if you enjoy chicken nuggets, take note of this advice.

Next time you have a hunger, place a four-pack of McNugget orders.


Why? In general, a box of 4 costs around $1.30 ($0.32 cents each nugget), whereas a box of 10 costs around $4.50 ($0.45 cents per nugget).

Therefore, if the 4-pack is available at your neighborhood Arches, get a ton of them because you’ll save money.

10.) Request Discounted Food

  • In college, I used to do this, and it almost always worked.
  • I would merely inquire about “going begging” burgers and fries before placing an order.
  • Meaning they were created rather than purchased, frequently manufactured to order, or perhaps they spent a little too much time under the heat lamp.


  • They are in perfect health!
  • Fries were $0.50, Quarter Pounders $0.75, and Big Macs $0.79 when I used to order them.
  • Hey, I didn’t care what other people thought because I was a starving college student!

 11.) Over 55? Free Coffee Is Available

Did you know that if you’re over 55, every time you visit a McDonald’s, you’re entitled to a free cup of coffee?


Although not many restaurants participate and you must eat in order to qualify for your free coffee, it’s definitely worth inquiring about.

Additionally, it appears that certain Golden Arches serve free coffee or other cold drinks.

12.) Egg McMuffin Hack

The next time you’re in the mood for breakfast and walk into a McDonald’s, think about purchasing a straightforward Sausage McMuffin (without the egg) and an ala carte “round egg” so you can make your own Sausage Egg McMuffin on the cheap.


According to the smart people at BuzzFeed, if you order it this way, you’ll pay $2.58 instead of $3.19 for it.

Although it won’t save you much money, this clever McDonald’s secret menu trick will always get the better of Ronald.

13.) Do You Desire Hot, Fresh Fries?

There is nothing worse than soggy, lukewarm French fries.

Make sure to request them “No Salt” to avoid this, and Mickey D’s will cook up a fresh batch, especially for you.


  • If you’d like, you can then add the salt yourself.
  • While you won’t save any money by doing this, your next visit will undoubtedly result in some very wonderful French fries.
  • This advice also applies to the Filet O’ Fish: request it “no cheese” to ensure that you receive a freshly prepared fish sandwich.

14.) Pay Attention to the Value Menu

Not all items on the “Value Menu” are created equal; some offer far better values than others. The following McDonald’s menu items offer the best value


  • – McChicken Sandwich: For a mere $1, this is by far the finest deal on the WHOLE menu.
  • It costs $3.14 per pound because it weighs 5.10 ounces.
  • The Big Mac costs more than $9 a pound, while the price of a pound of Filet O’ Fish is $12.45.
  • – 2 Cheeseburgers for $2: The 2 Cheeseburgers for $2 are the ideal option if you prefer meat to fowl.
  • – McDouble: Priced at $1.79, the McDouble is another excellent deal on the menu.

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