Google Pixel 3a Cases: Here Are the Best Ones Currently Available

Google Pixel 3a Cases

Google Pixel 3a Cases: Here Are the Best Ones Currently Available

These days, the Google Pixel 3a is primarily used to revisit the ghosts of Pixel’s past. You’ll need at least a good case to safeguard your reasonably priced little phone from dings and scratches. The good news is that, if you know where to search, there are still lots of great Pixel 3a cases available.


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The best Google Pixel 3a cases:

  • Spigen Liquid Crystal
  • Spigen Rugged Armor
  • Feitenn wallet case
  • Poetic Revolution
  • Otterbox Defender
  • Google fabric case
  • SupCase Unicorn Beetle Pro

Spigen Liquid Crystal

The Liquid Crystal from Spigen Although the Google Pixel 3a cover is transparent and compact, it nevertheless provides a lot of protection.


The TPU material is very simple to install and offers fall and scratch protection. This cover is an excellent way to keep your Pixel 3a safe while preserving the original style because the plastic construction is more prone to significant scratches and minor scuffs.

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Spigen Rugged Pixel 3 case Armor

One of the greatest case manufacturers currently on the market, Spigen achieves an exceptional mix between dependability and price.


The tough protective case has a gorgeous matte black finish with carbon fiber accents. Because of the design’s emphasis on durability, your phone can be dropped without getting damaged. Raised edges on the case also aid to better protect the screen.

Feitenn wallet Pixel 3 case

Since it is a wallet case, it shields both the front and the back of your Pixel 3a from damage. It has three card slots and a money pocket inside, and you can use it as a kickstand to watch films hands-free.


Synthetic canvas and TPU are used in the case’s construction to further increase its drop resistance. Additionally, it has a magnetic strap to ensure that the front cover plate is secured.

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Poetic Revolution

The Poetic cover for your phone offers excellent protection thanks to its sturdy TPU and polycarbonate construction.


The controls are shielded, and the display and camera unit are protected by a raised lip. The integrated screen protector and the kickstand that functions both vertically and horizontally are this case’s notable features.

Otterbox Defender Pixel 3 case


The Otterbox Defender is the best option available if you want total protection for your Pixel 3a. This tough case protects the Pixel 3a from falls of several feet thanks to its sturdy outer shell and softer interior lining. Additionally, it includes a belt holster that can be used as a kickstand for hands-free movie viewing.

Google fabric case for the Pixel 3a


With the Pixel 2 series, Google initially debuted this cloth case, which set the tone for the Pixel 3a. There are no frills or extras in this hardshell case; it is simply coated with a soft fabric that has excellent grip. For added comfort, a plush microfiber lining is also included within. The phone’s Active Edge function works with the case as well.

SupCase Unicorn Beetle Pro


A tough and durable case is the way to go if you’re clumsy and drop your phone a lot. The Pixel 3a can withstand a drop from 20 feet thanks to the multi-layered TPU and polycarbonate construction of this SupCase alternative. The case has raised sides that keep the display and camera elevated on flat surfaces, a built-in screen protector, and a detachable rotating holster.

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