Secret Amazon Tricks for 2022 to Save You Money


Over time, Amazon has quickly overtaken all other online retailers in popularity. Every day, millions of dollars are spent, but do you know how to maximize your savings when purchasing on Amazon? Below, we’ll demonstrate how using some amazing Amazon tricks.

1.)Unknown Amazon Tricks That Will Reduce Your Costs

Secret Amazon Tricks for 2022 to Save You Money

Look through this list and choose your preferred tips. This list is filled with cost-cutting suggestions, from buying from the Amazon Warehouse to saving money by turning in your electronic equipment!

2.) Use Price Monitoring Software

You may view the price history of any Amazon product using price tracking tools. Even alerts for when a product’s price hits a specific level can be established. This makes deciding when to buy a thing the greatest possible reality.

Secret Amazon Tricks for 2022 to Save You Money

The sample below shows that this product has fluctuated between being under $100 and above $300. Therefore, you are aware that the current pricing is the best one ever.

You can discover a ton of excellent price tracking programs online, such as CamelCamelCamel, where you can follow any product and even view its history.

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3). Submit an Amazon Household share of Amazon Prime

The fact that you can truly share your Prime advantages with your spouse surprises a lot of Prime members. You can link your spouse to your account with Amazon Household so they can take advantage of the same advantages as you.

Secret Amazon Tricks for 2022 to Save You Money

  • Add up to 5 kids to your Family Vault account so they can take and send pictures. You also receive many more wonderful advantages, including:
  • Family members can each have an own account with unlimited photo storage.
  • Prime Video provides access to thousands of movies and TV shows.
  • Use your family library to distribute your digital content
  • Early access to Amazon Lightning Deals for 30 minutes
  • Free 2-day shipping on more than 50,000,000 items
  • Every time you reload your Amazon Gift Card, you get 2 percent rewards.
  • Baby registry discounts of 15%, courtesy of Amazon Family
  • Amazon FreeTime lets you control the material for your kids.

4.) Buy clearance items from Amazon Warehouse

Products that are heavily reduced from Amazon Warehouse include used open-box, and closeout items. You may get some awesome discounts on leading brands at the Amazon Warehouse… recently received or little used

Secret Amazon Tricks for 2022 to Save You Money

Video games, back-to-school supplies, and electronics are some examples of goods that are best bought from the Amazon Warehouse.

The cheap section of Amazon’s warehouse is where you may find goods starting at a discount of 50% and higher. Check the item’s condition before purchasing to ensure that you receive a functional item.

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5.)  Amazon Prime Hacks Bulk Purchasing of Pantry

You can buy groceries and household goods on Amazon if you have Amazon Prime, did you know that? You can browse more than 100,000 qualifying products in the following categories using Amazon’s Prime Pantry:

Secret Amazon Tricks for 2022 to Save You Money

  • Groceries
  • household goods
  • Beautifying goods
  • healthcare supplies
  • pet products
  • Food and baby care products
  • Products for personal care
  • auto components
  • Office and industrial supplies

Because Amazon Prime Pantry has fulfillment locations all over the USA, you can buy in bulk and save a ton of money on your food. Simply stock your pantry with up to 45lbs of goods to get it all transported for a fixed charge of $5.99!

Additional Advice: Get savings on the best supermarket brands and save even more with Amazon Pantry Coupons.

6.) Receive 6 months of Prime using your EDU E-mail

College students can benefit from Amazon Prime at an even greater price if they are students (or even if they have an EDU email address. You may sign up for Amazon Prime for 6 months for free, which includes free 2-day shipping. You can upgrade to a full Prime membership at a 50% discount if you are ready to do so.

Secret Amazon Tricks for 2022 to Save You Money

Visit the Prime Student page and sign up for a free 6-month trial of Prime to become an Amazon Student.

7.) Gift Card Exchange

Do you have a ton of unused gift cards lying around that aren’t even worth keeping? You may now use Amazon’s gift card exchange to add any unwanted gift cards and exchange them for Amazon cash.

Secret Amazon Tricks for 2022 to Save You Money

Consequently, grab your collection of unused gift cards and start making the most of them!

8.) Use Coupons from Amazon

The biggest online retailer in the world is Amazon. This implies that you can locate thousands of coupons to receive discounts on virtually any Amazon goods. Some of these locations are exclusive to Prime members while others are accessible to non-Prime users.

Secret Amazon Tricks for 2022 to Save You Money

Combine orders to expedite and reduce shipping costs.
Although the hack is not 100% guaranteed to succeed, it does so 97% of the time.

First, place separate orders for two or more things within an hour window, choosing regular delivery for all except one of them. If you select 1-day shipping for one order, Amazon will probably aggregate all of your orders so that their shipping costs are reduced.

If all goes according to plan, you should receive your shipment with all of your products the next day. Since everything must fit into one box, smaller objects typically function better than a lot of larger ones.

9.) Giveaways on Amazon

Did you realize that businesses regularly provide things for free on Amazon? Amazon giveaways assist Amazon sellers in increasing reviews and publicity by giving away their products. There are several different kinds of giveaways where you can win at random or once a certain number of people sign up. Here is a direct link to the Amazon giveaways page.

To be eligible to win a free item, you could be asked to watch a little video or follow them on Twitter. Visit the page to learn more about how Amazon Giveaways operate.

 10.) Lightning Deals on Amazon

Many people are unaware of Amazon’s incredibly awesome feature called Lightning Deals. Products with Lightning Deals have a finite quantity of remaining units or an established period during which a promotion expires. For instance, a vacuum might be offered for 80% off for the next three hours or until it sells out.

Secret Amazon Tricks for 2022 to Save You Money

Because lightning specials have limited quantities, act quickly to place your order. It’s also crucial to remember that even if you decide not to purchase a lightning offer after committing to do so, you won’t be able to obtain it again.

A lightning bargain will appear when:

  • a button for “add to cart”
  • The final price and the discounted amount
  • The item highlighted in the Amazon Deal
  • A counter displaying the remaining time till the lightning deal expires
  • a bar graph displaying the percentage of claimed deals

11.) Amazon Restaurants: $10 Off Your First Order

Secret Amazon Tricks for 2022 to Save You Money

Amazon has a service that distributes meals from restaurants throughout the most populous cities in the US, despite the fact that Grubhub is the leading restaurant delivery service. Get $10 off your first order of $20 or more when you register for an Amazon Restaurants account.

12.) Hack for Amazon Subscribe and Save

Join Amazon’s subscription program to receive enormous savings. The days of buying toothpaste once a week are long gone. Create a recurrent order with Subscribe and Save to receive your things on a regular basis even more affordably than usual.

Secret Amazon Tricks for 2022 to Save You Money

Amazon offers a service called Subscribe and Save that will deliver your most frequently used household items at predetermined intervals. With Subscribe and Save, you can receive a sizable discount on more than 100,000 products in the following categories:


  • Food and baby care products
  • Products for personal care
  • pet products
  • Office and industrial supplies
  • auto components
  • healthcare supplies
  • household goods
  • Beautifying goods

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