Best Sports Games for PS5


Since its introduction in 2020, PlayStation 5 has given life to a large collection of sports games. It is mostly represented by annual releases like Madden and FIFA, but there are also lots of smaller, unconventional sports games you can find beside those big names.

Below is a list of the best sports games on PS5 you can find. They include football, baseball, soccer, basketball, and more. So you can either spend your time playing them or try online betting at bookmaking companies. Get a betting promo and make a free bet!

Riders Republic

Riders Republic is a game that has biking, snowboarding, and skiing combined together. You will find locations invigorated by some of the most popular National Parks. There are hundreds of missions spread between mountains and forests. Some will involve high-stakes races, while others will require you to showcase wild stunts and achieve a high score. Riders Republic is a great game with intuitive controls, a permanent feel of progress, and a breathtaking scenery.

MLB The Show 22

It’s no secret that baseball enthusiasts love MLB The Show, and the 2022 edition is the best one so far. Apart from the customary range of action on the field, in MLB The Show 22 you can build your own stadium, try an extended career mode, and more. It also looks better than ever thanks to 4K support and 60 fps.

EA Sports UFC 4

MMA is brutal, and that is captured exceptionally well by UFC 4. Whether you want to fight up close or use ranged attacks, the game does a great job of improving your fighting style. There has been a rework of takedowns and clinch control: now the animations are more active and better imitate the sport.


The latest introduction in the popular FIFA franchise is all about HyperMotion. This new technology uses mocap data to produce naturalistic motions. There are improvements to PS5, but it is still the same old game. The game’s tight controls, deep FIFA Ultimate Team experience, and enjoyable Multiplayer make it one of the best soccer games on PS5.

NHL 22

The sport of hockey can be enjoyed without fear of losing your teeth. ʻNHL 22 was developed on the Frostbite engine, which provides a greatly improved on-ice experience. This introduction is an immense leap forward when combined with the processing power of PS5.


The peaceful and rage-inducing sport of the PGA Tour is recreated in 2K21 Thankfully, both rookies and pros in golfing can become successful in this game. The game has many tutorials that will help you develop. A bunch of local modes, such as Alt-Shot and 4- Player Scramble, bring a bit of arcade fun to the realistic sim.

F1 2021 (PS5)

F1 2021 is the biggest installment of the yearly motorsport simulator. Naturally, it has all the teams, cars, and tracks from the actual season, and it’s career mode which is as always engaging. But what is really impressive is the way the game enhances its appeal. Braking Point is a great introduction to the world of Formula One, offering not only a fun primer for the proper career modes, but a twist of drama with some cool characters. It’s a more flexible game thanks to the addition of Two Player Career and other features. Oh, and Codemasters’ typically excellent handling model is a winner once again.

Gran Turismo 7 (PS5)

Polyphony Digital is the developer of the long-running simulation racing series. The GT Café is an addictive game that will keep franchise faithfuls occupied for hours on end. GT sports online approach remains intact, making for the most complete Gran Turismo in a generation.

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