Rupee4click: One of the Best Online Data Entry Service Companies in India Among the Best Online Data Entry Companies in India

Rupee4click: One of the Best Online Data Entry Service Companies in India Among the Best Online Data Entry Companies in India

Rupee4Click is a leading Cost Per Referral (CPR) advertisement company based in India that offers a “Get Paid for Referral Link” service. We have leading companies within our Network for referral advertisements.


Share referral links with your friends and family and earn money. Work at your Part time and earn money from Online Jobs like Data entry jobs, Survey filling jobs, Captcha filling jobs, etc. Home-based jobs for all people.

From the Looks of Things, Rupee4 Click Is a Scam.

The predicted rewards are dramatically inflated because other companies pay much less for the same labor. The business promises to pay $10 for referrals, $100 for platform registration, and $250 for low-skill tasks like data entry. It makes no sense to me to put up so much cash for so little return.

The website states that the company has been around for five years, however, the domain name wasn’t registered until November of 2020.


Both the home page and the terms & conditions page contain discrepancies. Payments might appear weekly at first glance, but the terms state differently. Due to this, doubts about the platform’s dependability have been cast.

It has been claimed that the Marketing Manager, Priya Mishra, is profiled prominently on the homepage of the company’s website. The photo looks fake because of the editing done to it.

I signed up for the service and was promptly allocated a fictional account manager whose name was Madhu Sharan. There is no Native American in the photo, and the associated email address is a scam.

Despite advertising that it will pay users for social media activity, Rupee4Click does not appear to have a social media presence. There are fake social media connections on the page that go nowhere.

None of the contact details given seem to be legitimate. These techniques will yield invalid email addresses, fake mailing addresses, and no record of your company. Some users of Rupee4Click complained that they were never paid, and the service was rated “Poor” by customers on TrustPilot.

Avoid signing up for Rupee4Click as it seems to be a scam site. Some of the website’s practices are illegal and amount to click fraud regardless of whether or not they are accurate. From the looks of things, Rupee4Click is a scam.

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How Do I Get Paid?

By completing captchas, clicking ads, completing offers, and referring new users, you can get money.

What Time Will I Be Paid?


You will be paid on a NET 7 basis, which entails that you will receive payment EVERY WEEK. The minimum balance needed to withdraw funds if you’re a new member is 5000. The withdrawal request is handled in one working day on average.

Describe the Referral.

When a user registers through a referral link, a referral is an outcome. For instance, you would have 100 recommendations if you sent 100 people to our website.

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How Much Money Can I Make?

Rupee4click: One of the Best Online Data Entry Service Companies in India Among the Best Online Data Entry Companies in India

It depends on how much traffic you receive and from which country it originates. You will typically make roughly $10 for each user referral, but depending on the sort of traffic, you could make up to $100. Our network has helped members earn over $100,000, and we’ve also given out prizes like iPads and Smart Phones. There are just no boundaries.

How Particular About Traffic Is Rupee4click?


We at merely desire REAL traffic. Please don’t waste your time sending bots (fake traffic) to our advertising; you need actual users to take action (installing apps, answering surveys). Real traffic is fairly simple to obtain; the most popular method is through advertising to groups, friends, or organizations on social media.

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