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What Is Mission Prerna (Prernaup.In): Here’s Check All Details

What Is Mission Prerna (Prernaup.In)

For the Prerna mission: [Prerna up.In] Mission Prerna is the government’s main initiative to improve classroom instruction in Uttar Pradesh. This platform was initiated by the Department of Basic Education and would eventually serve 16 lakh educational institutions. This site’s major goal is to serve as a resource for elementary school instruction.

Mission Prerna is devoted to bolstering students’ foundational knowledge and analytical prowess so that they may better tackle challenging problems. In this article, we’ll go through how to sign up for the Perna portal and access its many advantages, as well as the benefits of the mission Prerna itself.

What Is Mission Prerna Prernaup.In :

Mission Prerna is a project launched by the Government of Uttar Pradesh to provide free and equal education to all children below 14 years. Under this scheme, the mark is to improve all the children’s skill development and education.

Mission Prerna will effectively enhance the student’s learning capacity and in faster learning after completing primary education.

Prerna Portal Benefits:

Login And Registration In Prerna Portal:

Login At PrernaUp.In:

Follow the steps given below to log in to the Mission Prerna portal.

(Contact your BRC for Username and Password)

Student Registration At Prernaup.In:

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Prerna Up. In Teacher DBT Login:

Student Corner Prernaup.In:

The Mission Prerna portal has learning materials, educational videos, etc., for the students. Anyone can download the study material by following the steps given below.

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How To Edit Student Details On Prerna UP:

Now your data is saved.

How To Download Mission Prerna Mobile App?

Follow the steps given below to download Prerna Uttar Pradesh mobile app.,

In this way, you can download Mission Prerna mobile app.

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