Fire Advance Server Activation Key September 2022 (OB36 APK Download)


Fire Advance Server Activation Key September 2022 (OB36 APK Download)

This article provided FF gamers with the Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code September 2022, Free Fire Advance Server APK Download, and relevant details on the login, activation code, VPN, and everything else.

To see what’s new in Free Fire, head to the hub. The OB36 Advance Server APK Files are now available for download on the Free Fire Max and the Free Fire. You can obtain incentives like Gun Skins, free gems, a title, an outfit, and more for reporting technical issues in the game. In addition to knowing what’s going to happen, players can also get the latest information on any leaks that may have occurred.

Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code September 2022 (OB36 APK Download)

Fire Advance Server Activation Key September 2022 (OB36 APK Download)

Free Fire advanced server FF Garena online registration will begin three weeks prior to the global update release. Testers have 8 days to play Free Fire and can sign up for FF Advance APK in 5 days. As a thank you for helping fix the game, players will receive free diamonds and other gifts.

Release Date for the Free Fire OB36 Update

When the CS-Ranked Season (Clash Squad) is about to end, Garena usually rolls out the newest upgrades the day before or the day of. The OB36 version’s expected release date can then be estimated by the user community.

Fire Advance Server Activation Key September 2022 (OB36 APK Download)

As the CS-Ranked Season concludes in September 2022, players anticipate the next Free Fire upgrade to be released in the first week of September. Accordingly, players have about a month to prepare.

FF Advance Server Registration/ Login Process

  • Sign in through Facebook or Gmail on the official portal of Garena FF or Max redemption
  • Firstly Copy “” this link and paste it on the browser.
  • FF Advance website will be opened. And you can see the “LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK” Button.
  • Players have to do Login with any “Indonesia server” [recommended]. The update will be first available on the Indonesia server. Players can download it from any VPN from the play store or on google.
  • After the login, the players will have to enter the details as mentioned here.
  • You can enter Any Name, Working Email ID, and mobile number. After filling in all details Click on the “JOIN NOW” Button

A Compilation of Highly Anticipated Servers

  • Host Server From India
  • The Server in Russia
  • Instance Hosted in Taiwan
  • Host in Europe
  • Distributed System in Indonesia
  • Brazilian server
  • Free Fire-Mexico Sever
  • Server located in Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • Host from Bangladesh
  • Hosted in Vietnam
  • Assembling a Server in the Middle East
  • Pakistan

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FF Advance Server APK Download + Activation Key

After joining, the APK file will be downloaded on your browser. Click on the download link, and the file will get downloaded on your mobile. Download the APK file and install it on your mobile.

Fire Advance Server Activation Key September 2022 (OB36 APK Download)

CODE 1: 01C5BU16HWO8Z1OD (New)







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Server Advancement Free Fire Rewards

Open Season Free Fire Advance Server Game, developed by Garena Company, has recently been released, and it has many advantages for players. The participants will have the opportunity to engage in a Royal battle. Signaling the start of the Free Fire phase

Fire Advance Server Activation Key September 2022 (OB36 APK Download)

  • Prize Winners: These authors get a grand prize for their work.
  • Three Thousand Diamonds (1 Person) – Primary Author.
  • Diamonds, 2000 Principally Contributed By: 2 People
  • 1000 Diamonds, primarily composed of three individuals,

For starters, the Free Fire Advance Server Game is a program launched by the FF Garena firm to provide an opportunity for all Royle Battle gamers to test out new modes or are YouTube because all streamers want to acquire impending upgrades first. FF Advance additionally offers the following special benefits, details of which are listed below.

All players have access to direct communication channels with the Final Fantasy Garena Developer teams, where they can voice their opinions and suggestions.

Free and early information on any future OB35 updates will be made available to players.

You can obtain incentives like Gun Skins, free gems, a title, an outfit, and more for reporting technical issues in the game.

If a player reports a bug or glitch, they will receive free diamonds.

Free Mythic Outfits, Rooms, Characters, Gun Skins, and Numerous Executive Premium Rewards are also available to players.

A player who discovers a significant issue with one of the next OB35 Updates will be invited to join a select group of testers.

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