What Are Instagram Highlights and How Do You Use Them?


Cover photos on Instagram are used to identify each individual Highlight. If you’re not familiar with Instagram Highlights, they’re a user’s saved Instagram Stories. Contrary to other stories, highlights can be viewed long after the initial story has expired after 24 hours.

The Instagram Highlight cover appears in the profile’s footer, so it’s one of the first things users see when they visit your page.

What Are Instagram Highlights

Utilizing Instagram Highlights efficiently necessitates the usage of strategically placed Instagram Highlight covers.

It’s recommended that while designing your Instagram Highlight covers, you choose colors and effects that are both visually appealing and cohesive with the rest of your profile. Choose color palettes and images that reflect the tone of your brand’s social media profiles.

The image that appears on the cover of your Stories Highlight can be moved around or replaced with a new one.

Tips for Designing Highlight Covers for Instagram

Brand your highlight covers. Use your brand colors together with icons or words that reflect the Highlight nicely. Evaluate how the words sound, the fonts you’re employing, and the tone of your writing affect the message. Make sure that your Highlight cover designs make sense for your business.

Instagram Highlight Covers

Use high-quality photographs. This might seem like a no-brainer, but utilize high-resolution photographs for your Highlight covers. Remember that looks are key on Instagram. Your Highlight covers are one of the first things a user sees on your profile so you want to make a strong first impression.

Be clear, accurate, and structured. Make your Highlight covers clear and easy to read. Your Highlight cover is not supposed to give the complete tale, but rather to persuade your viewers to find out more. Curate your Highlights covers with a purpose.

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How to Make Instagram Highlight Covers

Pull them from your story. The Highlight option is located in the right-hand corner of your narrative. If you want to add a new highlight, you can do so by tapping new and then adding it.

Instagram Highlight Covers

Make them in your account settings. To add new Highlights to your profile, click the +New button. Next, choose the Tale you’d want to highlight.

Create a unique cover for an Instagram Highlight. Create unique Instagram Highlight covers with a design app.

The Instagram Highlight Creator Guide

You can make a Highlights reel from your most recent story or from older stories if you don’t already have any. This, of course, necessitates activating the archive function. The Stories Archive is normally turned on, but if it isn’t, here’s how to do it:

You may access your account settings by clicking the burger menu in the upper right corner of your profile.

Instagram Highlight Covers

To view your personal story, select it under Preferences > Privacy > Story.

Find the option to “Save story to archive,” and activate it.

After turning on archiving, you may proceed with making your first Highlight. How to make your first Instagram Highlight from your current story:

Go ahead and load up your Instagram story.

To highlight something, just click the corresponding button.

Simply select New from the Add to Highlights window.

Fill up the highlight’s name and change the cover art if you like.

Once you’re finished, select Add, followed by Done.

Yes, that’s the final word. Your first Instagram Highlight will be shown there after you have created your profile.

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Improving a Highlight by Including Additional Content

Imagine you have a Highlight on Instagram that isn’t tied to a specific location or time but focuses on a particular subject. This may be, for example, a collection of your cat’s silliest images or a showcase of your favorite street art from all around the world.

If this is the case, you should continually update an existing Highlight with fresh material. To accomplish that, follow these steps:

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Instagram Highlight Covers

Turn on the high point.

Select “More” from the menu that appears.

Make use of the menu item Edit Highlight to make the necessary changes.

The Selected Tales.

Use the checkboxes to indicate which articles should be included in this Highlight.

When you’re finished, select the Done button.

The Best Way to Create Instagram Story Covers

Take them out of the narrative. The Highlight option is located in the right-hand corner of your narrative. If you want to add a new highlight, you can do so by tapping new and then adding it.
Make them in your account settings. To add new Highlights to your profile, click the +New button. Next, choose the Tale you’d want to highlight.

Create a unique cover for an Instagram Highlight. Create unique Instagram Highlight covers with a design app.

Instagram: Creating a Unique Cover for Your Highlights

If you’ve used Instagram before, you know that the program chooses the cover photo for your Highlight from the saved Stories. You might have also observed that popular Instagram profiles frequently use unique Highlight covers, often emblazoned with the profile’s emblem and branded colors. Whence came to their success?

It’s easy to miss the tiny icon that has always been there but now lets you make your own Instagram Highlight cover. A simple method to make your Instagram profile more noticeable is to use a personalized cover.

Create a Unique Cover for An Existing Instagram Highlight by Following These Steps.

You can access additional features by opening the Highlight and clicking the More button in the toolbar’s lower left corner.

Use the “Edit Highlight” and “Edit Cover” buttons to make the necessary changes.

Both your present cover and the available replacements will be displayed in detail. Click the camera icon (shown) on the far left.

Instagram Highlight Covers

Navigate to the photos you wish to use for the personalized cover, and then edit them as desired.

Just hit the “Done” button when you’re finished.

That sums up the whole thing. This, of course, is predicated on your having created a cover for Highlight and stored it in your phone’s picture gallery.

To add a personalized cover to a new Highlight, simply create the Highlight as usual and then press Edit Cover to bring up a gallery of available images.

Taking Down a Favorited Post on Instagram

It’s possible that you’ve reconsidered the importance of including some images in your Highlights, or that you simply want to make some space. Instagram makes it simple to remove Highlights for any reason:

Instagram Highlight Covers

To unselect a highlighted item, tap and hold it.

Go to Edit > Delete Highlight > Delete.

Now we’re done. Instead of eliminating your Instagram Highlight entirely, you can choose certain stories to remove.

To remove a story from the Highlight, open the app and go to it.

Choose Further Options from the drop-down menu.

Choose Cancel Highlighting from the options.

Confirm the deletion by tapping the corresponding button.

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