What is Facebook Creator Studio? and How to Use it for Business?

What is Facebook Creator Studio?

While the vast majority of companies now have a Facebook presence, only a few of those make use of the Facebook Creator Studio.

And if you’re one of those companies, you might be passing up a chance to expand the scope of your Facebook and Instagram presence. Keep reading to find out more.

Exactly what is Facebook’s Creator Studio?

Content creators and Facebook marketers may use the free Creator Studio dashboard to oversee their pages and posts on both Facebook and Instagram. What’s more, if you’re in charge of managing social media for multiple companies, you can see all of those accounts in one convenient location.


By providing innovative resources like scheduling, community management, and social media analytics, it enables content producers to monetize their work online and encourages partnerships between companies and influencers.

In this tutorial, we’ll go over the basics of Facebook Creator Studio and look at how you can use it to your advantage in terms of marketing and content production.

The Basics of Using Facebook’s Content Creation Tool

If you are in charge of a Facebook page, you can gain access to Creator Studio by visiting business.facebook.com/CreatorStudio.


Facebook claims that any page admin can make use of Creator Studio. Your page role and the accounts that are linked to the page will determine which Facebook pages and Instagram account you have access to.

The information you have access to and the abilities you have on a given Instagram page are also dependent on the role you have with respect to that page.

It’s possible that your pages aren’t qualified for or you haven’t signed up for certain features, which would explain why you’re missing or can’t access certain portions of Creator Studio. Facebook suggests reading certain sections to learn if you qualify for certain features, such as in-stream advertisements.

Making a Brand New Thread

Use Facebook’s Creator Studio to write, publish, and upload original content. Several strategies exist for accomplishing this.

First, you can write a blog article.


To get started, click the “create post” button. After you’ve done that, you’ll need to decide what to share. Using “Create post,” you can share textual information, “Publish across pages” will share a video on multiple pages, and “Go Live” will begin broadcasting. Select the page you want to update, enter your content, then hit “Publish.”

Alternative 2: Put something online

Your first step is to go to the “Post something” menu and select the account you want to update. It’s as easy as deciding what kind of post you want to write, writing it, and posting it.

Choice 3: Add a video to your profile

The first step is to click the “Upload Video” button. A single video, many videos, or even a single video posted across multiple pages are all options. Choose the video file(s), upload location(s), and description(s). Changes can be made to the video’s title, description, and sharing options. Once that is done, you are ready to send it out for publication.

Fantastic Tools in the Creator Studio That Can Help Your Company

It might be difficult to keep track of everything when you have just one business Facebook page to manage. The more accounts you have to keep track of, the more difficult it becomes.


With Creator Studio’s handy tools, you can upload many files at once, organize your postings in a central location, and enhance your films with background music and sound effects. In this article, you’ll find out how you may put Creator Studio to use for your company.

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Multiple Video Files Can Be Submitted in Bulk

If you manage a page, you can take advantage of the bulk upload function to save time when adding content. For example, you can submit all of your previously uploaded videos at once or add a series of movies.


To upload many videos at once, select “Multiple Videos” from the “Upload Video” menu on the main tab. Then, decide whatever video in the playlist you want to view and which page you want to share it on. After the video has been uploaded, you will be able to make changes and add annotations before sharing them with the world.

Editing Several Pages at Once

Can you handle many social media profiles? Creator Studio’s Page Collection makes it easy to manage your Facebook pages and an Instagram feed.

What is Facebook Creator Studio?

In Creator Studio, select the “Pages” menu, then “Cluster,” and finally “Create Collections” to make a collection of pages. Simply name your collection, select the pages you want to include, then click “Save.”

Now, wherever you are in Creator Studio, you can access your collection from tabs at the top of the window.

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Discover Your Facebook Page’s Audience and Its Success Rate

The Insights section of Creator Studio is where you can learn more about the performance of your content, pages, and the revenue they bring in.


You can see the big picture of how your pages are doing, whether you’re interested in the analytics of a single post, the total number of your followers, the engagement with your videos, or the revenue generated from your live broadcasts.

Use the Brand Collaborations Tool

Through the Brand Collabs Manager, you may increase your earnings on Facebook by being discovered by brands providing paid collaborations. You can network with companies and work with them.


  • You must meet the following requirements to access this service:
  • You must have permission to submit this page.
  • Currently residing in a program-eligible country
  • Follow Facebook’s guidelines for branded content, which prohibit things like banner advertisements and roll ads.
  • Acquaint yourself with Facebook’s monetization guidelines for third-party partners.
  • Possess at least a thousand followers and either fifteen thousand (or eighteen thousand) interactions with posts in the last sixty days, or eighteen thousand (or thirty thousand) views of a three-minute video in the last sixty days.

Establish Facebook and Instagram Accounts with Automatic Replies

It’s not always easy to reply to every remark left on your Facebook page or Instagram posts. Automatic answers are useful in this situation.

By using this function in Facebook Messenger, you can save time by automatically replying to individuals when they say hello, answering frequently asked questions, and composing unique messages for people in search of your location or contact details.

Post Multiples at Once

Do you want to send a New Year’s greeting to your clients without having to be online or fumble around for your phone on January 1? Help is at hand with Creator Studio. A feature of Creator Studio is the ability to pre-schedule updates.

To schedule a publication, pick a time and day, then click the calendar icon next to “Publish.” Your content library’s “Scheduled” page is where you’ll see all your future posts, along with their respective schedule and status information.

If you find that a piece of content you scheduled to go live at a time when your audience won’t be as interested has to be rescheduled, and you may also learn when to post for maximum impact.

Check Out Your Content Archive

All of your content, both live and scheduled, as well as analytics for each individual piece, can be found in the Creator Studio collection. In addition to a search box, the content library can be sorted by date, other criteria (such as “archived,” “published,” etc.), and keywords.

By using this application, you can easily organize your Facebook material, store posts for later, and learn which types of posts are more successful than others.

Perform Community Administration Duties

You may find it difficult to keep track of your messages and the conversations taking place on your Facebook sites if you often upload a lot of content to one page or if you’re trying to manage numerous pages.

The mailbox in Creator Studio consolidates messages, comments, and other forms of audience interaction, lightening your load.

You can now see all of your Facebook and Instagram messages in one spot, along with any comments left on your posts. This can help you save time by reducing the number of times you have to navigate away from Facebook to use other apps or pages in your marketing strategy.

Enhance Your Online Presence with Free Music Downloads

The Sound Collection option in Creator Studio provides users with access to royalty-free music and sound effects that may be used in their Facebook videos. Video effects can be added in the “sound effects” area, while different musical possibilities can be explored in the “tracks” tab.

For some reason, this function is only available on computers. Downloaded music may be added, mixed, and edited directly within the program, giving you more creative control over your videos.

Learn More about the Rights Manager

If you want more say over when and where your Facebook and Instagram posts are seen, like, commented on, etc., then a rights manager is the way to go.

Rights Manager will search Facebook and Instagram for similar content once you’ve contributed your own to a reference library. If they do find a match, you have the option of keeping tabs on it, having it removed, or having ownership linked to you.

The Other Notable Features Can Be Seen If You

These are merely some of the capabilities of the Facebook Creator Studio. Creator Studio is continually being updated with new features, making it difficult to describe all of the available options. However, some of the most helpful ones are:


The Inbox+ tab is where you may respond to private messages sent to your Facebook and Instagram profiles. The Inbox compiles all of these communications in one location, allowing you to quickly respond to comments and messages from the dashboard and mark them as “done,” “unread,” etc., for easier task management.

You can find out everything there is to know about how well your Facebook page is doing by using the Insights function. In light of Facebook Analytics’ demise, it’s a useful alternative. Pages, Stories, Videos, and Instant Articles are the four distinct types of content that may be seen on the Insights tab. You can then delve even farther to learn highly nuanced information, such as how to retain your audience.

Profit Generation This section provides a variety of options for generating revenue, as well as the means to monitor financial activity and adjust payout parameters. Instant articles, fan subscriptions, paid online events, and in-stream advertisements for on-demand are just a few of the methods used to generate income.

Comparison Between Facebook Creator Studio vs Facebook for Creators

Facebook for Creators, which debuted that same year, is a central hub for those who make videos, games, comics, and other forms of content. Users can share their content and interact with others through recorded or live broadcasts. Insights, camera, and Facebook Stories, together with a live build kit and a community tab, are all part of this Facebook video creation platform.

All the features necessary to upload video and interact with your target audience are included in these platforms, and analytics tools provide insight into the success of your content. However, it does not allow you to manage many pages or Facebook and Instagram profiles at once and lacks many of the more advanced features of Creator Studio that we have discussed.

Is There a Cost Associated with Using Facebook’s Creator Studio?

Creator Studio’s app is also available for free on the App Store, however, there are some system requirements before you can utilize the platform.

Where Do I Find the Facebook Creator Studio Link?

To start administering your pages, go to business.facebook.com/creatorstudio. Your personal Facebook page and account are required. You can either request access to a page from the administrators or make your own pages.

Can I utilize Instagram with Creator Studio?

Creator Studio is a suite of creative tools for managing your Instagram account, including posts, Carousel posts, and video.


To convert from Facebook to Instagram, simply click the Instagram logo on the upper right of the Creator Studio site. Once you’re linked, you’ll be able to browse your whole Instagram feed, monitor the success of individual posts, manage your subscribers, and communicate with your most engaged fans.

Use Creator Studio to keep track of all of your Instagram profiles in one central location.

Is the Video Feature of Facebook’s Creator Studio Limited to Videos?

Facebook Creator Studio includes features that are especially helpful for working with video, such as the Sound Collection, but you shouldn’t limit its use to the creation of videos.

Creator Studio provides publishers with a centralized hub for managing all of their pages, including Insights and Monetization, even if they don’t produce a lot of video content for their business. You may find a number of useful resources on the Creator Studio website, and more tools are constantly being added.

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