Here are 10 AWESOME INSTAGRAM HACKS YOU WERE Totally Ignorant!

Here are 10 AWESOME INSTAGRAM HACKS YOU WERE Totally Ignorant!

Here are 10 AWESOME INSTAGRAM HACKS YOU WERE Totally Ignorant Of

Has it ever happened to you to be watching a friend create an Instagram post then suddenly they perform a neat trick that you had no idea you could even do? Everything you thought you knew about Instagram has been shattered, and now you’re not sure if you’re an Instagram newbie or not.

That’s right; not even the most savvy internet users are immune to this problem.


Unless you count Instagram’s own team members, influencers, and your hip 15-year-old niece as experts, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who is familiar with all of Instagram’s features. That’s basically the whole point, though. Discovering innovative techniques for making the material even more exciting and entertaining.

This is why we have compiled a list of 10 Instagram tricks that you may not be aware of (or have forgotten) and can try out while you are by yourself.

1. Change the Background Color on Your Sticker

Have you always assumed that the only available color scheme for Instagram stories location or mention stickers was the boring ‘purple text on white background’? A month ago it was the same for me.


It turns out there are a few more, more visually pleasant options available with only a push of the button, such as clear and rainbow. It’s either “yeah, duh” or “I can do WHAT!?” on this one; there’s no between ground.

2. Add a Drop Shadow to Your Text


Looking to spice up the language in your Instagram story? The use of a drop shadow can make the text stand out and appear less blocky. It’s easy to achieve this effect by creating two captions of the same size and different colors, then stacking them one on top of the other. I mean, look at you, you’re doing art!

3. Make Sure There Are Line Breaks in Your Captions

Raising your hand if you’ve ever felt mistreated by Instagram’s caption formatting. Yes, if you’re attempting to summarize everything with bullet points, your captions will probably resemble a supermarket just after a shipment of toilet paper has arrived.


Using a planning tool like Plann, getting the captions to look the way you want them to is a breeze. However, there is a simple workaround you can do to achieve line breaks in your caption even if you’re posting on the go.

To use text replacement on your mobile device, simply go to your keyboard settings. Then, copy the area within the following brackets, and replace the text with something simple, like “123,” using the settings provided.

4. Adjust your text box with the slider on the screen

It’s true that the text blocks in Instagram stories have a nasty habit of sliding about. It takes a steady hand and precise pinching to attain the desired result. But it turns out that you don’t need to endure the discomfort!


To change the size of the text, use the slider that appears on the left after you’ve added the text. In what direction have we been directing our energies for so long?

5. Share a Music playlist on Instagram stories


The ability to add music to your Instagram stories is probably not news to you. If you own an iPhone, though, you can share full albums and playlists with others. Simply navigate to the desired playlist, click “share,” and pick “Instagram Stories” as the destination! Ideal if you want to introduce your followers to your favorite songs for isolating yourself from the outside world.

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6. Erase some of your Instagram story to pique interest

Have you been looking for a solution to keep your Instagram followers engaged? To add color to a photo you’ve uploaded to your Instagram story, hit the pen icon and choose a hue from the color palette. The next step is to tap and hold for a few seconds until the entire screen is filled with color.


Then use the eraser to create a small opening in the snapshot that the spectator may peek through. They can be enticed to continue swiping in a text box by promising them something good. How intriguing!

7. Make your bio search-friendly

Did you know that your Instagram bio’s ‘name’ section can serve as a potent tool for expanding your audience? That’s the little phrase that appears above your profile picture on Instagram.


It turns out that it is searchable, therefore optimizing it properly (for instance, if you are an ethical fashion blogger, you may put ‘your name – fashion blogger) will help your account get discovered by new followers who are interested in that issue. This is pretty neat, right?

8. Change the Alignment of Your Bio

Have you ever seen an Instagram account and wondered how they came up with such a unique and interesting bio? As it turns out, the solution is quite easy! To make editing your bio on Instagram less of a pain, try doing it from a desktop computer. Don’t try to replicate the arrows below, just the empty area between them.


Then, before each line of text, paste the blank spaces from the previous line. Put in or take out spaces to shift the alignment to the right or left. Now you have a bio on Instagram that will make you stand out from the crowd!

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9. Add feed posts easily to your stories

This is probably something you already know how to do, but if not, get ready to wonder how you ever got by without it! Simply click the small arrow button like you’re going to forward the post to someone else on Instagram, and then pick ‘add post to your tale,’ and you can add any post from your feed or anyone else’s to your story.


After then, you can rearrange the pictures by tapping on them. It’s a great resource for sharing user-created material again and again and for increasing the visibility of your feed entries.

10. Monitor your Instagram mentions

Plann has developed its own straightforward approach to keeping tabs on your brand’s Instagram mentions. All of the postings in which you have been mentioned can be found in the “reply” section, where you can quickly and easily provide a response.

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