How Can I Recover My Instagram Account if I’ve Lost My Password?

How Can I Recover My Instagram Account if I've Lost My Password?

You can get your password changed via email, phone, or Facebook if you’ve forgotten it. If you are unable to change your password in this manner, please launch the Instagram app for more assistance.

Password recovery options include inputting a new one using your email address, phone number, or even your Facebook account.
Launch Instagram from your device’s app drawer to begin the password reset process. Starting from that point.


Instagram App for android

Instagram App for Apple

  • On the login screen, tap Forgotten password above login.
  • Tap Username or Phone number.
  • Enter your email address, username or phone number, then tap Next.

Recover Instagram Password Without Email

Method 1. On an Android


  • Open the Instagram app on your android phone or tablet.
  • Now, if you’re already logged in but want to change your Instagram password, click on the profile icon. After this go to the menu at the top-right corner.
  • Go to “Settings” then go to “Privacy and Security” select Password and click on “to create a new one”.
  • n case you forget Instagram email and password, then tap reset it with Facebook (if you see it).
  • Now, click on the “Get help signing in”. After this, enter your username, phone number, or email address. Make sure your email or phone number is linked to the account.
  • Tap on the “Next” button.
  • If you have forgotten your Instagram password or email, you can easily reset it by logging in using your Facebook account (if you see it).
  • Next, select the link labeled “Get help signing in.” Type in your username, phone number, or email address after this. Verify that your account is associated with either your email or phone number.
  • Click the button labeled “Next.”
  • Enter the new password twice and tap on the “next” button. Finally, your password is reset.

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Method 2. Using an iPhone or iPad


  • First, launch Instagram on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Just go to your profile and click the “Forgot password” link if you’ve lost your Instagram login information.
  • If your Instagram account is connected to your Facebook account, you can sign in with your Facebook credentials. Nonetheless, if you’ve lost your Facebook login, too, here’s what to do.
  • Now select a “password reset option” to proceed. You must provide either your email address or your phone number in order to reset your password.

How to Change Your Instagram Password and Get a Confirmation Email, Part 3 is a Bonus Guide.
To change your email address and subsequently reset your Instagram password, follow these instructions:

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Launch Instagram on your Android or iOS device.

Select the login button and enter your username and password.

Access your profile by selecting the profile picture at the top of your page.


Follow this step by selecting the modify profile option.

In the area labeled “Personal Information,” select “Email address.”

Next, enter the email address you’d like to use moving forward with your Instagram account.

Put in the new email address’s verification code and finish the process. To do this, access the email Instagram sent you and click on the attached link.

Using the new email address, you can now change your password.


  • First, close the Instagram app on your smartphone and log back in.
  • To change your password, go to the login page and click the “forget password” link.
  • In the future, Instagram will send you an email containing a link. Reset your password by clicking that link.
  • You can now access Instagram with a fresh set of credentials.

Learn more about what you can do if you don’t know your username.

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