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How to Download Instagram Stories?

How to Download Instagram Stories?

Is There a Way to Save Instagram Stories on My Device?

The next step is to enter the Instagram username into the corresponding form on

Afterward, you’ll be taken to a page displaying the user’s most recent shared stories.

Selecting the download link in the page’s footer will initiate and complete the download.

Please Tell Me the Steps to Save Instagram Stories.

Instagram highlights can only be downloaded if the account in question is accessible to the general public.

Next, go to and enter the username in the field there before clicking the Download! button.

Highlights from the individual whose albums you choose for download will be compiled into an album list. Choose an album from the drop-down menu to read featured excerpts from that album. Click the link at the bottom of the story to complete the download.

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What Do You Need to Know About Instagram Stories for I Os?

When using an iPhone, you can only save Instagram stories by using a third-party downloader software or the Safari web browser. Downloading is only possible on iOS 13 and later due to device requirements. To get the download link, just go to

Instructions for Getting Instagram Stories on Android

By accessing from your Android device running the most reliable web browser, Chrome, you can easily download your Instagram stories. In a matter of seconds, you can have the tales you want on your device after taking the appropriate steps.

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Tips for Getting Fiction onto Your Laptop (Windows or Mac)

The first step is to surf using the recommended up-to-date Google Chrome browser. After that, you can follow the instructions to download the stories or highlights. VLC Player can be used to view video files once they have been downloaded.

Do You Keep a Log of What Has Been Downloaded and When?

No, We do not believe in respecting the privacy of our users’ information. Including financial transactions, we do not store any records.

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