This Ingenious Method Will Make Your Tub Shine (Without Hurting Your Back)

This Ingenious Method Will Make Your Tub Shine (Without Hurting Your Back)

This Ingenious Method Will Make Your Tub Shine (Without Hurting Your Back)

Cleaning a tub the old fashioned, hands-and-knees way is a huge pain (quite literally). You undoubtedly already have something in your home that can make scrubbing less taxing on your body: a sponge.


Jill Nystul, author of the blog One Good Thing By Jillee, shares a tip involving a clean angle broom with synthetic bristles. Because of the length of the handle, you won’t need to bend over to use it, saving wear and tear on your knees and back.

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Furthermore, if you have a hand-held showerhead, use it to clean the tub. It’s possible that this is the least complicated method for keeping a bathtub clean.

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You’ll need a brand new, synthetic-bristled, angled broom (Hint: This only works with a clean broom)

  • Typical dishwashing liquid (like Dawn)
  • The Use of Vinegar (optional)



  • First, using a cup or handheld shower head, splash warm water around the tub.
  • 2Spray the area with a quarter cup of dish soap in a splattering motion.
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  • Standing outside the tub, use the broom to remove soap scum and other accumulation.
  • Using a glass measuring cup, heat white vinegar and dish soap in the microwave until hot (approximately 30 seconds), then combine the two and scrub the tub well.

    As soon as the solution has sat for 30 minutes, sweep it out of the tub.

  • Cold water is more effective than warm water at removing soap scum, so be sure to give it a good rinsing after your shower.

By following these easy procedures, you may have a spotless bathtub in no time.

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