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Since Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the 2022 Academy Awards, a lot has occurred. There is already widespread speculation that Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith are divorcing.

The misinformation originates from a report that has since been removed.

Since the Oscars debacle, the couple’s private lives have been the topic of speculation, and the most recent rumor is not the only one they’ve been pulled into.

Nonetheless, before believing or participating in rumors, you should get the facts straight about the celebrity couple’s relationship and marriage.

Word on The Street Is that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Are Engaged.

A number of worried fans have turned to Twitter to verify whether or not the reports of a split between Will and Jada are accurate.

Recent reports have claimed that they are heading towards a divorce and that Jada would earn a significant portion of her husband’s riches should the divorce occur.

The misinterpretation of a now-defunct story from Heat Magazine is to blame for the rumors.

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Getting a Divorce Is Not an Issue They Have Discussed.

Heat Magazine retracted a story that included a remark from an insider concerning Will and Jada’s divorce, but the story was picked up and republished by several other publications, including the Mirror.

Their tensions have been visible since the Oscars controversy,” the quote says. There have been issues between them for quite some time, but now, communication has all but stopped. Will has a $350 million fortune, and Jada would be entitled to half of it under California law if they ever got divorced.

For starters, the source has been mum on the subject of the couple divorcing. They merely broach the subject speculatively, with the phrase “if they were to split.”

In addition, neither Will nor Jada has commented on the divorce rumors or even hinted at a split.

This means that these rumors can safely be disregarded.

The HITC team has reached out to Will and Jada for their thoughts. But as of the date this piece was published, we had not heard back.

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In the days following the Oscars event, many rumors circulated.

One of them said the actor was taken into custody and charged with a crime. Chris Rock declined to submit a complaint, thus no legal action was taken against Will.

The individual involved has declined to make a police report,” the police informed Deadline. A report can be filed with LAPD at a later time if the party involved so requests.

There was also talk that Chris’s on-stage smack was staged because he was sporting a cheek pad.

However, Reuters stated in their article that the viral photo used by some to allege that Chris wore a cheek pad was in fact ‘altered.

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