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Here Are Eight Tips That Will Help You Run Faster and Enjoy It More!

Here Are Eight Tips That Will Help You Run Faster and Enjoy It More!

Here Are Eight Tips That Will Help You Run Faster and Enjoy It More!

There is a growing debate over the relevance of life hacks to endurance sports when putting in the time and effort required to achieve your goals is likely why you took up running in the first place.

Distance running is a trip. Getting there isn’t as important as the journey itself. Even yet, there are ways we can make the trip more pleasurable. Here are eight suggestions to help you embark on your own adventure and overcome obstacles you may face.

Take a Brisk Post-Workout Shower While Wearing Your Running

It’s common for runners to return from a run with sweaty, often offensive-smelling garments. However, before you toss them in the hamper, why not take a quick shower? (minus the shoes). Finish your shower and hang your clothes to dry. You can get three or four wears out of a pair of shorts or a shirt before they need to be washed because of the speedy drying time of quick-drying training gear.

“It sounds gross, but it actually works very well,” explains Matt Frazier, creator of the No Meat Athlete movement. When traveling, you can get away with just bringing one running outfit.

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Wearing Your Workout Clothes to Bed Is Perfectly Acceptable.

As Frazier put it, “it seems like such a minor thing,” but when you’re trying to get out the door and start your run, any little thing helps. To paraphrase, “It’s one less thing to do, and it’s one step closer to getting out the door.”

If the thought of doing so gives you the creeps, you can always just lay out all of your running clothing before night as an easier alternative. Simplifying one’s mental load in any way can help one begin moving more quickly.

Avoid Limiting Yourself to Moisture-Wicking Running Tops on Hot Days.

Usually, we just get dressed quickly and leave the house to go for a run. However, that strategy may backfire throughout the summer.

Instead of going shirtless on a hot day, Doug Hay, who co-hosts a podcast with Frazier on running hacks, recommends wearing a cotton shirt. A cotton shirt can keep you cooler than a wicking one because it absorbs and retains moisture rather than releasing it.

You may also put damp clothing in the freezer and pull it out just before you go for a run to mislead your brain and body. Also, if you’re trying to stay warm, chilling off your head can have the opposite effect. Put some ice in your cap, or dab your head with a cool, damp cloth.

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Pantyhose Should Be Worn Under Socks.

Some athletes find that wearing pantyhose feet under their socks helps prevent blisters by reducing friction between the skin and the sock.

String the Key on Your Shoelace or A Hair Elastic.

Keys are annoying to carry everywhere, but sometimes they’re essential. (After all, you have to go back inside or into your vehicle once you’ve finished running.) Even though it’s common practice for female runners to store little items in their sports bras, there are other options.

Put the key in your shoelace so you won’t lose it or have to carry it if you don’t have pockets. If your ponytail is exceptionally thick, you can even tie a knot in your ponytail holder and wear it that way.

Use Your Imagination When Cooking.

After getting ready to run, one of the trickier aspects is figuring out what to eat. But don’t allow the food and alcohol get to be too much. If your run is less than an hour long, and you’re doing it first thing in the morning, you don’t need to worry about fuel.

Like Frazier and Hay, you can utilize a conventional hydration vest or pack by simply removing the hydration bladder, allowing you to carry whole snacks like fruits on your long run. That way, you can bring a handheld water bottle and fill it up as you go, in addition to the food you plan to bring.

Hay also advises gummies if you prefer chews or gels but find them difficult to swallow, and he enjoys eating dates while running for their nutritional content. Moreover, some people like to combine grapes and chewing gum (frozen grapes on hot days).

Discard the Salt Tablets Into Your Water Supply.

It is a long-held belief of Hay and Frazier that the salt from any tablets or capsules taken for salt on long runs should be crushed and added to the runner’s water supply. As a result, your tongue can act as a sensor for the amount of salt in your diet and provide feedback to the body’s control mechanisms.

We shouldn’t ignore the body’s natural feedback system,” Frazier said.

Make Time for A Run Every Day.

We could all use a foolproof method of maximizing our time in order to accomplish everything we set out to do. Running is often the first thing to go when time is tight. To prevent this from happening, add your run to your calendar just as you would a meeting and set reminders to get you out the door. Run for as long as you can, even if it’s just 20 minutes.

Furthermore, running allows you to multitask: You can try out run commuting by packing a change of clothes and a small bag. If you have coworkers or friends who also want to get some exercise during the workday, plan some low-key running meetings. Alternately, you may use your runs as a chance to spend quality time with your spouse, kids, or pet. The most important hack is just doing the task in any way you can.

Stop Stretching Before You Run.

Studies have shown that static stretching — holding a muscle in a fixed, stretched position for 20 or 30 seconds — doesn’t really prevent injury and may even compromise performance when you run. If you want to warm up before you run, dynamic stretching is where it’s at.

Do Shorter Running Workouts.

Those who want to stay in shape but find the idea of jogging for 45 minutes to be a nightmare can benefit from a short but intense workout.

It will take some effort on your part to move with greater intensity and speed, but you can accomplish anything for 25 minutes, right? Listed below are various running routines that can be completed in under a half an hour.

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