Top Ten Siri Tricks You Should Attempt

Top Ten Siri Tricks You Should Attempt

Top Ten Siri Tricks You Should Attempt

Siri’s abilities to perform web searches, read aloud emails, and engage in hilarious conversations that can only be described as “Buzzfeed-worthy” are common knowledge. Even though she’s had some problems in the past, these ten tips are enough to convince you to bring Siri out of hiding (under Settings > General > Siri).


The Conversion of Measures

Dollars for Euros. Millimeters to Inches. How Many Gallons Are in a Cup? Siri can remember them all while we can’t. “How many Y are there in Z?” “Convert X to Y.” If you ask Siri a reasonable question, she will convert any unit of measure, even parsecs, for you.

Results in Sports


Instead than opening ESPN or a team-specific app, just ask Siri. Can you tell me when the Yankees play?” If you’re wondering, “What’s the score of the Cavaliers game?” Is it true that the Cubs triumphed? (Editor’s Note: That last question may have only one correct response.) Never again will you need to use picture-in-picture or strain your eyes to read the tiny scrolling ticker.

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If you tell Siri to “flip a coin” or “roll the dice,” she’ll do just that. Rolling bones requires neither dice nor cardboard, so long as you have a few singles on hand. Furthermore, it’s the most convenient method of resolving disagreements, as few people nowadays keep spare cash on them.

Do Not Remind Me Again


Like us, your Alarm list probably has more entries than AC/DC has studio albums. Have to go through and remove each and everyone that you don’t routinely use by hand? The time required for that is excessive. It’s time to turn off the alarms. Our dilemma is over.

Initiate and Terminate Functions


Disable your Bluetooth connection. To activate Wi-Fi, simply say “On.” Instruct the device to adjust the screen’s brightness or contrast. Siri may be used to turn off or on any feature accessible via the Control Center. Keep in mind that she is completely useless with Airplane Mode activated… however, if you try to argue with her about that, she will remind you.

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Place Your Orders

Booking a table is as simple as it gets. Place a Sunday evening 6 o’clock dinner reservation at your favorite Italian eatery. Siri will use your input and data from services like Yelp and OpenTable to return a list of nearby restaurants that meet your criteria, along with ratings, distance, and reservation availability.


If you choose a particular business, you can view its opening hours, phone number, and location on a map by clicking on the name. You can also use the “Make Reservation” button to be taken directly to OpenTable.

Do Stuff

“Please bring me back to my house.” “Drive me to the office.” Bring me to *contact name or nicknameoffice, *’s house, etc. You’ll need Apple Maps to get there, but that’s still quicker than entering every possible address.

Determine Which Aircraft Are Flying Above


In addition to being a terrible waste of time, asking Siri, “What planes are overhead?” is a lot of fun. Siri’s access to WolframAlpha will equip you to handle air traffic control duties with a minimum of professional training (airline, flight number, plane, altitude, angle, etc). If only to satisfy your insatiable curiosity, you will find yourself repeating the experience.

Intelligent Reminders


Every one of us has a few basic facts that we need to keep in mind. Creating grocery lists. Hauling garbage to the curb. Making a bourbon purchase. If you have an address saved in your Contacts and you tell Siri, “remind me to whatever when I get wherever,” she will send you a notification when you are near that location.

Adjust the Volume of Your Music

Top Ten Siri Tricks You Should Attempt

Siri can make listening to music on your iPhone almost entirely hands-free if you have it stored there or if you utilize iTunes Radio. Although “Play,” “Pause,” and “Skip” are the most intuitive controls, you may also choose individual artists, genres, playlists, and even shuffle. I’d want to hear a scrambled version of The Black Keys. “Please stop playing that song.” I want to hear some blues played. “Rearrange the songs on my playlist for the car”

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