Here Are 10 Clever Ways to Stay Chilled Without Air Conditioning!

Here Are 10 Clever Ways to Stay Chilled Without Air Conditioning!

Here Are 10 Clever Ways to Stay Chilled Without Air Conditioning

Without air conditioning, a predicted heatwave might be a terrifying reality. Hot and humid weather? Wet and heavy air? To find some solace, you can consider having ice cream for dinner.


Summer’s dog days are nothing to worry about. To stay cool, you’ll need to get creative with the fans at your disposal. You may immediately begin chilling with the proper positioning of fans and a few additional tricks that can’t be beaten.

1. Make Sure Your Ceiling Fan Is Spinning in The Right Direction.

Your fan’s effectiveness in reducing body temperature depends on whether it blows air in a clockwise or counterclockwise motion. When the weather is hot, you can cool yourself with a nice breeze and a glass of lemonade by turning the fan’s blades counterclockwise.


To clean your ceiling fan thoroughly, switch the direction of rotation every season. It’s amazing how much better even the hottest days can be when the air is clean and dust-free.

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2. Create a Crosswind with Two Fans.

Build in a cooling double-whammy by venting warm air outside while drawing cooler air within, like a privileged islander taking use of the tradewinds.


During the day, shut the blinds, drapes, and windows so that it is not too bright inside. Once the sun goes down, take two regular-sized fans and throw open the windows. Put a fan in the direction of the window in the room you want to be the coolest.

Then direct a powerful airflow from another fan into the first one. To accomplish this, position the second fan such that it is blowing air into the room, either in front of a second window or directly into the room. Fresh, cold air is brought in as stale air is expelled.

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3. Make the Most of Your Home’s Layout

In order to keep your house at a comfortable temperature, homeowners can take advantage of your home’s layout with some trial and error.

For instance, if you live in a hot climate, having high windows might be a great help in letting the air flow out of your home. For the same reason that hot air rises, you can direct fans toward an open window by positioning them at a considerable height.

This is analogous to a two-story house. Keep the upper level of your home cool by positioning fans in front of open windows. As an alternative, installing room-darkening fabric over non-operable windows (or in particularly sunny rooms) can help to reduce the amount of heat that enters the home during the day.

4. Make Your Own Air Conditioner by Using Ice

Set a spotless floor fan in the middle of the room (or as low as possible). Next, position a large ice bucket in front of the fan to cool it down. If you don’t have a deep fryer, a large, shallow roasting pan will do the trick. A chilly mist is created as perspiration is evaporated from the skin and blown over the ice by the fan.


Water bottles, once frozen, can be used to assist chill the air in front of a fan. Wet, cold cloths placed in front of or above fans can also help reduce the ambient temperature in a room.

5. Set the Proper Fan Angles

The breeze from a fan can feel amazing on a hot day, especially if you close your eyes and let it hit you square in the face. However, directing the fan’s airflow directly towards yourself (or someone you’re trying to cool) isn’t the best strategy. A modest upward slant on your fans can create a heat-lifting breeze that will keep you cooler for longer than simply letting the cool air hit your body at shoulder level.

Here Are 10 Clever Ways to Stay Chilled Without Air Conditioning!

If you point your fan against an opposing wall, the air will bounce back and continue to circulate, allowing you to feel cooler again.

6. Get Some Fresh Air

When you step outside, the cooling effect of your fan will continue as before. A cool, shady place may be preferable to the stuffiness of indoors when the temperature is high. You may supplement the efforts of Mother Nature to create a breeze by taking your fan outside with you.


In addition to helping you chill down, a quality fan will keep annoying insects like mosquitoes at bay. In order to avoid landing and being blown around by the wind, mosquitoes will avoid windy regions.

7. Use a Dehumidifier with Your Fan.

Sweat, which evaporates to cool us off, is a built-in mechanism that helps our bodies deal with high temperatures. However, when the air is particularly humid, our perspiration can’t escape as quickly, so we don’t feel as refreshed.


When the temperature rises, a dehumidifier can be used to remove excess moisture from the air and make it more comfortable for people to use their natural cooling mechanisms. Adding a fan to a dehumidifier can provide you with twice the cooling effect.

8. Keep Your Linens from Becoming a Distraction.

An elaborate fan setup can’t beat a hefty, heat-trapping set of bedsheets. Get rid of your heavy blankets and garments and replace them with cotton or a cotton/linen combination that will allow your skin to breathe.

Here Are 10 Clever Ways to Stay Chilled Without Air Conditioning!

Sheets (or even t-shirts) stored in the freezer for 30 to 60 minutes before use can be used to enhance your cold. While putting on a cold shirt or climbing into an ice bath can provide instant comfort, a fan can help you stay cool for much longer and reduce your body temperature overall.

9. The Addition of Mist Increases Airflow.

If you’ve ever run through a lawn sprinkler on a hot day, you know how refreshing that small mist can be. Plant mister in hand, spritz yourself every few minutes to ride the crosswind of your twin or oscillating fans.

A cold breeze on a wet forehead is a common metaphor for the quick cooling effect created when misting your face or body with a little bit of water.

10.Turn Off All Other Electronic Devices

Home temperature is increased by dishwasher, oven, stovetop, television, and refrigerator. Limiting their use during the hottest portions of the day is a better option than turning off your refrigerator, which isn’t a good idea anyhow.

Here Are 10 Clever Ways to Stay Chilled Without Air Conditioning!

Dishwashers and ovens should be used less often during the day. Restricting access to any technological gadget, no matter how minor, can have an adverse effect. As the temperature drops at night, it helps to turn off as many appliances as possible. That way, you can enjoy the coolness of your home for a longer time in the morning.

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