Uri Geller Net Worth: A Closer Look Into His Profession Life, Career, & Lifestyle in 2022!

Uri Geller Net Worth

A Life Story of Uri Geller

Israeli-born magician Uri Geller was born on December 20, 1946. Famous mentalist who has demonstrated telepathy and psychokinesis on television. He was also an actor who had roles in various slasher films. Uri Geller is a Sagittarius, say the stars.


Full Name Uri Geller
Occupation Magician
Age 75
Date of Birth December 20, 1946
Place of Birth Tel Aviv, Israel
Star Sign Sagittarius
Country Israel
Gender Male

He tied the knot with Hanna Geller in 1979. There are two Gellers in his family: Natalie and Daniel. As a result of his mother’s family tree, he has a tenuous link to the famous psychologist Sigmund Freud.

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The Love Life and Marriage of Uri Geller

In what kind of relationship does Uri Geller currently find himself? A few juicy details from his private life have been depicted here to whet your appetite for more.

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Career of URI Geller

Geller’s career began in the 1970s when he made his first television appearances. His spoon-bending techniques, secret drawings, and other enigmatical stunts earned him a lot of notoriety.

He said he did it all using his telekinetic and psychic powers. In 1974, researchers at Stanford Research Institute undertook an experiment to determine the veracity of Geller’s abilities; their findings became known as the “Geller effect.”


Geller hosted an Israeli reality show in 2007 called “The Successor,” which sought out persons with paranormal abilities. In the same year, he and fellow illusionist Criss Angel were hired by NBC to search for the next great mentalist on their show Phenomenon.

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Honors and Awards

Due to his efforts in popularizing magic and illusions, Geller was awarded the “Services to the promotion of Magic Award” by the Berglas Foundation.

What is Uri Geller Worth in 2022?

What is Uri Geller’s estimated wealth? How does Uri Geller make a living? It is nearly hard to know a person’s net worth or monthly income without access to a lot of personal information.


Assets and net worth can be roughly estimated using data from a number of different sources. In other words, how much money does Uri Geller have right now? As of the year 2022, Uri Geller has amassed a net worth of $20 million.

Personal Relationship

They tied the knot in 1979. They raised two kids, Natalie and Daniel. It has been stated that music star Michael Jackson was the most entertaining guest at the couple’s wedding and that the three have remained close ever since. In the 1970s, Geller billed himself as a genuine psychic rather than a stage magician or entertainer.


Since he had psychic powers bestowed to him by aliens, he became a target of ridicule. Throughout his career, he relied on his psychic powers to guess the outcomes of sporting events. One of James Randi’s fans called his recommendation of Uri Geller “the curse of Uri Geller” because of his track record of wrong predictions.

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