What is Miniclip? Here’s Check Important Features and Specifications!

What is Miniclip?

Miniclip SA first went live in 2001 as a website dedicated to browser games. Robert Small and Tihan Presbie began it with a £40,000 seed grant. As of 2008, the firm’s valuation was in excess of $275 million. If you can’t find a citation,

Miniclip advertised that it hosted more than 450 games in 2009.

Tencent took control of Miniclip in 2015.


Miniclip’s mobile games for iOS, Android, and Windows devices collectively surpassed 1 billion downloads in December 2016. Miniclip reported 4 billion downloads in March 2022, with 8 Ball Pools accounting for 1 billion of those.

When Miniclip declared in April 2022 that they would be shifting their attention to mobile games, they also confirmed that their website will be losing the vast majority of its games, with only Agar.io and 8 Ball Pool remaining.

Xbox Games for Windows 8

In September 2012, Microsoft announced on the Windows team blog dated 31 August 2012 (see also List of Xbox games on Windows) that Miniclip games will be able to distribute their games on the Xbox division of Windows 8. Miniclip games that are supported by Xbox for Windows 8 include Gravity GuyiStunt 2, and Monster IslandGravity Guy was released on Windows Store on 29 November 2010.

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Miniclip? What is it?

Miniclip is a website for video games, including both single-player and multiplayer options, as well as other forms of interactive media and learning tools, such as art and animation editors.


The online and downloaded games are available for no cost, although they also have numerous optional extras for purchase or advertisements. You can make in-app purchases with virtual cash, which can be earned through various in-game activities and promotions. Those participating in the game can hold conversations with one another.

Can You Describe How Most People Use Miniclip?

Discover more about the pros and cons of using online gaming services like Miniclip.

Miniclip is used for online dating, chatting, messaging, and playing games anonymously.

When and how to file a report of harassment or how to handle confrontations with other players

Facilitation Hub
Help and direction on how to deal with other players.

Post a demand

Send in a request for help or report any suspicious activity.

Take charge of your Miniclip profile.

Find out what options are available for customizing your Miniclip experience.


Just how Can You Ensure the Safety of Your Own Private Data?

Questions concerning account safety and maintenance

Access your account settings, including details on any installed third-party apps, any bans, and any accounts that have been made public.


Regarding your privacy, please read the following:

Find out what data Miniclip gathers, saves, and shares.

Miniclip Facebook Login Manager

Miniclip now allows Facebook logins. Figure out how to set limits and remove permissions in Facebook.

Conditions & Restrictions

Limitations and restrictions that apply to your use of Miniclip.

Interconnecting safety elements

Internet security

The basics of keeping kids and their parents safe online.


Miniclip’s contact information is provided below.




Miniclip.com is one of the earliest Android developers, having launched their service well before 2010. There are now 32 games available in the app library.

Miniclip.com’s apps are included in the top 100 of Google Play in over ten different countries. 8 Ball Pool is one of the most downloaded apps in Google Play, and it has achieved top rankings in several countries.

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