How to Find Various Minecraft Biomes Using Chunkbase?

How to Find Various Minecraft Biomes Using Chunkbase?

How to Find Various Minecraft Biomes Using Chunkbase

One of the largest and most comprehensive game maps is found in Minecraft. A mapping and navigation system is absolutely necessary because the game’s sandbox universe practically extends forever. This is true especially for beginning players.

Chunkbase is one of numerous third-party programs, mods, and websites that attempt to implement a mini-map or other mapping system in vanilla Minecraft, which lacks the option.


A website called Chunkbase can be regarded as a third-party “utility” for Minecraft.

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It enables users to find particular biomes or buildings in any seed they plant for it. Every time a player enters a seed into Chunkbase, they must identify the game version and world type, which helps to reduce errors.

All versions of Minecraft starting with the Java Edition 1.7 and the Bedrock Edition 1.14 are supported by chunkbase.

Additionally, it offers the choice of exploring the nether, where one can find specific locations for buildings and biomes. Players can gain a sense of orientation in respect to the world spawn by using the compass located in the top-left corner of the seed map.

This article will instruct readers on how to use chunkbase to locate various Minecraft biomes in the seed.

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What Players Need to Know About Finding Biomes in Chunkbase in Minecraft?

Players must take the following actions in order to locate a certain biome on the chunkbase website:


  • Choose the “apps” tab.
  • Find the “seed map” option under the tab and select it.
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  • Enter the seed for the desired world at the top of the seed map.
  • Decide on the world type and version after that.
  • Select the dimension that needs to be investigated in order to find the biome.
  • A map of the chosen seed will now be created by the seed map, with a compass indicating the location of the world spawn.
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  • To check the box next to it, scroll down and pick the “highlight biomes” option.
  • From the list on the right, pick the desired biome or biomes.

Only that specific biome will be shown on the map when you click the biome’s name. Players can move their cursor over the map projection of the biome to see the precise coordinates of the biome’s location displayed on the map’s bottom left.

Players will see a collection of several icons directly above the map. The many constructions that can be seen on the map are represented by these icons. These icons can be clicked to make a structure visible or invisible on the map.

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Chunkbase has additional capabilities in addition to the seed map’s structure and biome locator tools. Numerous mods that players may use for themselves are available on the website, along with numerous lessons on a variety of game-related subjects, such as how a village operates and how to create an automatic slime farm.

A spawn chunks reader that recognizes spawn chunks, a seed finder for slime chunks, a customized superflat generator, and a block compendium are some of the features found in the “apps” area (apart from the seed map).

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