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Shania Twain’s Wild Divorce Saga? Everyone Wants to Know This!

Shania Twain’s Wild Divorce Saga?

One of Canada’s best musical exports, Shania Twain, was profiled in the Netflix documentary Shania Twain: Not Just a Girl, which was released in July.

In it, Shania is frank about her traumatic background, the sexism she encountered in the country music business, her battle with Lyme illness, as well as her divorce.

This is an excellent chance to review the completely absurd story of Shania Twain’s divorce. You may have heard about it.

In essence, Shania and her closest friend switch husbands. Same if you’re perplexed. What Shania has stated about the incident is listed below (which, thankfully, has a happy ending).

Who Are the Key Characters, and Why Is Mutt the Name of One of Them?

Robert John Lange, also known as Mutt, a well-known South African rock producer who has worked with a wide range of rock and pop acts, including Celine Dion, Britney Spears, and Lady Gaga, was introduced to Shania Twain in 1993.

(Sorry, I’m not sure what gave him the nickname.) Anyway, Mutt and Shania got married six months after they first met, and they later collaborated on two of her best-known albums, The Woman in Me (1995) and Come On Over (1997).

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What Went Wrong, and Where?

Shania and Mutt divorced in 2008 after 14 years of marriage. When Frédéric, who was at the time Marie-husband, Anne’s revealed that Mutt and Marie-Anne were having an affair, Shania would later say that she didn’t know why her husband had left her until the following day.

In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres in 2011, Shania recalled this conversation: “Of course, I didn’t trust him and I thought for sure he was making it up.

It was clear that my denial was all there was. However, he only remarked, “You know, if you want proof, I have it. I’ve been following it for a few weeks now, and I have hotel bills and a ton of other information.

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What Transpired Between Mutt and Marie-Anne, Then?

Although neither of them openly admitted having an affair, Mutt and Marie-Anne began a formal relationship following their divorce and, as far as we know, are still together. She and Shania have not made amends, and Shania has been open about how she feels about this particular woman.

She admitted to the Post in 2015 that she never sees Marie-Anne. She added, “I don’t invite that trigger into my life. She is my past rather than my future.

She said, “I wish I’d never met you,” when Andy Cohen questioned her about what she would say to Marie-Anne if she ever saw her. I won’t blame her.

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