Tools to Help You Schedule a Meeting Everyone Can Attend (When2Meet and More)

Tools to Help You Schedule a Meeting Everyone Can Attend (When2Meet and More)

Tools to Help You Schedule a Meeting Everyone Can Attend (When2Meet and More)

Doodle has been a planner’s closest buddy for years. This platform has long been the go-to resource for setting up meetings with friends, clients, coworkers, and other people online. The new technology on the scheduling scene, when2Meet, is luring Doodle users away one by one, though.

You can make a survey poll with Doodle to find out people’s preferred meeting times and dates. The operation is rather straightforward. The meeting organizer first establishes a schedule for the gathering. The invitees then state whether they will be able to attend within the designated periods or not.


The meeting organizer can then look over the columns to check which time slot obtained the most percentage of “can attend” votes in order to choose the time that will appeal to the greatest number of participants. In addition to choosing the time and date, the user of Doodle can also ask participants for other useful input.

So what distinguishes When2Meet from Doodle? When2Meet is faster, easier, and more organized than the competitors, according to several people who switched.

You have a good scheduling solution that helps reduce headaches rather than causes them when you consider that When2Meet is free and doesn’t annoy you with adverts.

Let’s face it: Trying to accommodate everyone’s hectic schedules may be a full-time job in and of itself. When2Meet is your virtual middleman. The program organizes events, issues invitations, and chooses the most advantageous times to hold meetings.

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When2Meet Poll: How-To Using the When2Meet tool to create an event couldn’t be easier.


Start with these five quick and simple steps.

Step 1: Open the When2Meet homepage.

Step 2: Type the name of the meeting at the top.

Step 3: Drag or click to choose the potential dates for your meeting.

What Are the Earliest and Latest Time Options? Is the Fourth Step (remember Time Zones, if Applicable)

Click “Create Event” in step five.

When2Meet loads the voting page once you create the meeting and outputs a specific URL. This link can be used in emails, Facebook, or other social media messaging. When using the When2Meet polling tool, everyone has the same voting experience. The following are the steps:

Start by clicking the link in the event invitation to access the poll.

Next, fill in the relevant field in the “Sign In” section with your name. Passwords are not required.

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The dates/times field will be visible after you sign in. Drag the cursor across the times you have available. Cells will change to green.

Your choices are automatically saved by When2Meet, and the page should also record your availability.

It’s easy if your schedule shifts. Simply click the link to go back to the polling page and sign in. Then, use your cursor to click and drag.

Meeting times are made more predictable with When2Meet. The voting procedure is shortened, and the most popular times are selected from all of the options. The poll window shows a date-and-time grid that corresponds to the Group Availability grid on the right side. As more participants cast their votes, it will become easier to identify the best times to meet.

A When2Meet Alternative

When it comes to scheduling tools, there are rivals. A popular alternative to Doodle for scheduling when to meet is Simply Schedule Appointments. Calendly is another that received excellent reviews from users.


The option that is best for you will depend on your unique requirements and is subjective. Whether you utilize it for work or personal meetings is another important consideration. When organizing meetings with coworkers and clients, what works for scheduling with friends and family could appear different. Examine a few of them to determine which one helps you save time and be more productive.

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