The History of the Game Keno


In recent times, we are getting more addicted to different kinds of games and it is opening more potential for a person. However, there is nothing more addictive than online gambling. Online Gambling remains one of the most influential and oldest games for players. No matter how modern we get, people will remain interested in such games.

Sometimes, a person can face hardship visiting a casino. We don’t have any casinos in our country and I am pretty sure that many countries around the world don’t allow casinos. When we watch any movies and web series, the casino’s culture inspires us to visit a place once.

Thankfully online casino games are enough for us to experience the amazing feeling of gambling. Online gambling remains one of the oldest games of the time. It’s been played for many centuries in different parts of the world. In a report, it was recorded that Ancient Chinese used to play classic Keno during 200 BC. At that time it was even used to construct, what we have now, the Great Wall of China. In this article, we’ll be going to read everything about Keno Games.

What is Keno Gambling?

Keno is a kind of Lottery gambling that is widely popular in different parts of the world. Though many people think that it is some sort of modern game, the popularity and existence of this game have been running for many centuries. It was believed that Chinese people were the first to invent and play this game.

A typical Keno Gambling was opposite to what we play nowadays. What you see in Casinos is not the actual keno game that used to be played in ancient China. It is inspiring to see how Keno, an ancient game, changed and improved over time and became what we see today.

One may wonder why people used to play gambling at that time. Nowadays, Gambling is referred to as an entertaining game that sometimes becomes profitable. Let’s read more about Keno and its development over time.

Keno: An Ancient Game from China


It is believed that Keno was initially started during the Han dynasty, around 205 to 187 BC. earlier, the game was played as a lottery kind of gambling. Many people will still find keno in the casinos and the popularity of the game still exists the same.

Earlier, people used to select different characters and received the reward accordingly. Cheung Leung was the person who invented the game and made money from it. One may think that it was an entertaining game that was introduced because of the people’s interest but in reality, the game was an alternative to earn money from the king because the people were already tired of paying taxes. It was a smart way of getting money from people and in place of that, people used to receive gifts which make them more engaging in the game.

Keno used to have 120 characters out of 1000 Chinese characters. These characters were spread on a lotto board and the players used to bet 10 rounds. The chosen character was marked with a pen and it was largely called “Keno Spot”.

At that time, people were already struggling to pay taxes plus the construction of the great wall of china was already undergoing which largely required funds. The Chinese administration found a smart way through Keno And encouraged the audience to play it since this helped them to gather more funds.

Keno in Casino: What is it About?

Gambling is officially a legal sport now and most countries allow their citizens to play it because it helps them to earn taxes. After Gambling in casinos hit the ground, people were excited to encounter more games. Keno is one of the largely played games which is majorly based on luck. While many gambling games require skills to play and sometimes a common person who just goes to the casino to have fun and feel the environment loves to have such games.

Keno is a kind of game that can be played by anyone. The game began with writing 80 numbers on a piece of paper and rolling them in the tube. Now, the game is already more advanced and inventors have already added their flavor to them.

The player will place a bet on a range of numbers and it will majorly be based on the casino’s how they set their numbers. Normally, it is from 1 to 80. Then the numbers will be drawn and the winning digit will be revealed. The players will be able to play how the numbers are drawn and will be paid according to the bet of other players.

Now, online gambling has already made things more convincing for people. Anyone eager to play keno can easily access the game online. Nowadays, a player can play different kinds of keno games by drawing the lottery according to their need. There are millions of people who love to play Keno online and offline and the popularity of the game is getting more dynamic.


Keno Games are one of the earliest casino games in the world that were initially introduced by the Chinese people. The major purpose of the game was to collect the funds for the construction of the Great wall of China. Nowadays, the game is largely played by people in different parts of the world and it is already easily accessible through the online platform. The game is customized by different casinos and platforms according to their needs. Keno is a luck-based game and that’s why the majority of people are attracted to it.