Hotstar MOD APK v12.4.2 (Premium/Unlocked All/IPL Free) – 2022

Hotstar MOD APK v12.4.2 (Premium/Unlocked All/IPL Free) – 2022

In the internet realm, Hotstar Mod APK has had a significant impact. Hotstar is best characterized as providing “unlimited access to your favorite movies and shows.” With Hotstar, users can conveniently stream their preferred TV series and films using the Hotstar VIP App.

A great fusion of entertainment, news, sports, chat, radio and gaming can be found on Hotstar Premium Mod Apk.


As a really advanced, all-encompassing media platform, Hotstar has matured. In recent years, Hotstar streaming services have expanded internationally. Today, almost every home has at least one streaming service subscription.

App Name Hotstar
Version 12.4.2
Size 50MB
Download 500,000,000+
Rate 4.4

This has made it simple for them to combine international and domestic content; they are free to do so with Hotstar mod free apk. In this lovely nation, this is the ideal Netflix Killer.

The Hotstar Software is a networking app that allows for complete customization and supports a number of web technologies, including HTML5, Flash, and Android. After downloading, users can now use their Hotstar account to access numerous channels from all over the world. A user can also configure broadcasts to be sent to the Hotstar mobile app.

It is now simple for the individual to watch television episodes and films anytime they wish from everywhere on the world. Users are guaranteed to always have excellent television material by having access to a selection of channels. They can also download their preferred shows to their phones, ensuring they never miss an episode.

Google India introduced Hotstar, a popular free Android app with over 15 million downloads. Users of the user-friendly app Hotstar have instant access to regional Indian TV networks.

Since it offers the same convenience as a cable TV package, Hotstar is primarily an application for Indians’ mobile phones.

With this app, you may watch your preferred live broadcast television channels for no additional charge, including Sky TV, radio channels, pay-per-view channels, and more. The Android Market Application Store offers a free download of the Hotstar apk.

Some of the best and most amazing features of Hotstar Mod APK include:

  • No ads
  • HD quality
  • Chromecast support
  • Supports all devices
  • Live cricket streaming
  • And much more!

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What is the VIP Plan for Hotstar?

A type of internet hosting service called HotStar Premium Mod APK was created by StarNet Corporation.

One of the most popular services among those looking for an internet hosting service to power their web portals and online companies is HotStar Premium. This program is a wise solution for those who require a web gateway for both personal and professional reasons.


This strategy is especially ideal for individuals who wish to create a portal that will allow them to monetize it or generate some money through adverts placed on it by site users. How much does the Hotstar Premium/VIP plan cost? In the event that you are the owner of a well-liked website and you want to improve it to handle additional visitors.

Consequently, you must be debating whether to choose the basic HotStar plan or the StarNet premium subscription.

The choice is totally up to you, but in either case, you should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of both plans so that you may choose according to your needs and priorities.

The main advantage of purchasing the premium plan is that it will give you access to a variety of features, including enhanced bandwidth and disk space. On the negative side,

In comparison to the standard HotStar plan, the premium plan will cost you more money and have some limitations.

A few restrictions, such as the maximum number of visitors permitted and disk space limitations, are based on how your web site generates revenue. This might be a fantastic choice if you want a web portal that can generate revenue for you right now, but you’ll eventually have to upgrade to the less expensive basic plan.

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Features of Disney Plus Hotstar Mod Apk

HotStar Technologies’ new and potent online TV app is called Hotstar APK. It is actually one of the most talked-about internet TV programs available right now.

While at work or away from home, you can watch live TV on your home computer. Other online televisions and live radio streaming shows are also accessible online, in addition to Hotstar TV.


The premium Hotstar plans, Hotstar Premium & VIP Unlocked, provide excellent value for the money. With one of these packages, you may take advantage of the fantastic features offered and enjoy your automobile rental for whatever long you choose.

With all the interesting deals available online, Hotstar mod APK is renowned for providing excellent service and ensuring that you have a fantastic experience. Many people today want to learn how to drive their own car, and thanks to the Internet, doing so is now simpler than ever.

Unlocked Premium Features

For the past few years, Hotstar has gained widespread recognition and has been offering excellent facilities and customer service to all tourists who have used their services. Hotstar was introduced in 2021 and offers a variety of features and services for its users, as well as genuinely attending to their demands.


All prepaid cards have access to the HotStar network, which is a premium prepaid service offered by HotStar.

There are many Hotstar prepaid cards available, but the best thing you can do for your company is to get in touch with a customer service representative at Hotstar so you can learn about their most recent promotions and offers and confirm that they offer the same advantages and discounts that you currently enjoy.

Unlocked Sports Pack

The innovative Hotstar Sports Pack combines the top Hotstar service with a few more sports packages. For more than ten years, Hotstar has provided some of the most popular sports services to its users.

Many people use Hotstar Sports as the best and simplest way to access all of the sports channels on the Internet.


Nowadays, a lot of individuals subscribe to sports services because doing so is much simpler than navigating several websites or cable TV providers. By gaining access to the Hotstar sports package, you can save a ton of money if you desire a new sports channel.

Disney + Open

The best way to enjoy your Disney vacation is with Hotstar Disney+. You gain access to all of the additional attractions at more than 250 Disney parks.

The greatest feature of Hotstar Disney+ is that it works with practically any Disney holiday itinerary. Hotstar Disney+ will provide you with excellent savings without making any sacrifices in your Disney vacation, whether it be having fun at the Disney Wilderness or making a journey into Neverland.

Hotstar MOD APK TV Channels

With its television, radio, and video capabilities, Hotstar TV for Android delivers a distinctive fusion of amusement and communication. Downloading the mod apk file to your phone or PDA is the first step to getting the most out of Hotstar TV for your device.

The functions, including the channel selection and control of your choice, will then be available to you. An illustration. You can perform a search for the term “CSI” to find the popular television program.


and have the TV channels of your choice appear. Even watching the news and special events is possible using the same app.

Hotstar’s premium service is ideal for you if you are a parent who works long hours and has to find something to keep you engaged when you are away from home. You can use a variety of tools on your own device to manage how much time you spend watching television. You can also decide to pay monthly to have unlimited access to all of your preferred television shows and movies, or you can choose to pay per view for any channels you like.

A never-before-offered combination of communication and entertainment is available on Hotstar TV for Android. Without obtrusive advertisements popping up every five seconds during your favorite show, you can watch movies, sports, and even television.

A great substitute for streaming media devices and live TV on your PC is the premium edition of the mod apk. This enables you to watch your preferred TV programmes without needing to buy a special box for them.

How to Install Hotstar MOD APK for Disney Plus?

You will be able to install Disney Hotstar mod apk APK on your Android devices after reading this post. Following your reading of this article, you should click the download link provided below to get the Hotstar mod for your Android smartphone.


Once downloaded, the file should be transferred to your phone via a microSD card or similar connection. When the installation is finished, a notification indicating success will appear. You can install a functioning version of the Hotstar MOD apk on your smartphone in a few more minutes.

FAQs for Hotstar Mod Free Apk

Is there a Hotstar Mod APK?

HotSoft, a firm that creates and disseminates game software, has released a new program called HotStar APK. It’s a browser-based application (like Internet Explorer or Firefox) that provides high-definition live TV feeds, though I’m not sure of the specifics at the moment.

Thousands of premium live TV channels, including the most popular ones (such as The Oprah Winfrey Network, The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, and others), will be available to you through this app.

How can I access the Hotstar Mod APK?

This is my favorite Android app, although less people are aware of it than you might expect because it is not as inexpensive as you might believe. A while back, I downloaded this app on my phone, but I didn’t use it very often due to the dull layout.

However, I recently made the decision to give it a try on a friend’s phone, and I was pleasantly pleased by how effective it is.


The only issue I’ve seen with Hotstar Mod is that it occasionally lags since there are too many settings and files inside of it, but aside from that it functions flawlessly. Simply go to one of the following websites to download the most recent version of Hotstar APK for nothing:

How can I get a free Hotstar Mod APK download?

The HotStar Mod is a fantastic tool for anyone who enjoys using Facebook. With the help of this specific tool, you can access virtually all YouTube videos and images directly from your desktop computer.


How can I get a free HotStar Mod APK download? Depending on the program you are using, there are ways to obtain such a program without paying anything. If the program is paid, you can install it on your PC without having to pay for it by copying it to a thumb drive or memory stick if it is available for free. Find out more about this by reading on.

How can I get a free copy of Hotstar VIP?

With the help of the Hotstar VIP program, you can download and stream any Hotstar movie, including limited-time releases. The website has a wide selection of excellent movies, many of them from other countries.


Particularly when compared to pay-per-view movies, the subscription fee is incredibly inexpensive. To get started, all you need is an internet connection, along with your user name and password. You won’t ever have to wait in line again, and the price is cheaper than a movie at your neighborhood theater or Cinnabon.

Final Conclusion

One of the most well-liked Hotstar download-free packs is the Hotstar Mod APK, which is accessible online. This is a full version of the well-known software package Hotstar that enables Internet browsing on various types of devices.

You will require an Internet-connected computer or smartphone with Windows Vista or XP already installed. This program may be downloaded for nothing in a matter of minutes.

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