Best Crime TV Shows on Netflix – TOP 5


In the name of the law, stop! Everything you say could be used as more evidence to prove that you have been binge-watching crime dramas.

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Yes, investigative stories continue to be a popular genre in streaming shows around the world. The platform continues to place a lot of money on works in this genre and in other languages because it is fully aware of the possibilities of this narrative style.

There are plenty of possibilities for those who wish to play the cop, whether they stick to the tried-and-true pattern of isolated crimes with each new episode or construct a massive puzzle to be solved over the season.

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But just as it takes work to identify the offender, it takes much more work to identify the finest series — after all, with so much on offer, it’s very easy to let a gem go unnoticed. So, to help you with this investigation, we’ve selected a few for you to watch on netflix.

1. Narcos


The series follows two DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) agents on the hunt for Pablo Escobar, the biggest drug lord in Colombian history, and other drug lords. The drama is based on real events and tells part of the story of the trafficker and the spread of cocaine around the world.

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Narcos portrays the true story of the criminal Pablo Escobar, during the 70’s and 80’s. As the leader of the Medellín Cartel, in Colombia, he became one of the biggest drug traffickers in the world, until his incursions in the US made him under investigation by two DEA agents sent to Bogotá.

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2. Mindhunter


Mindhunter, one of the most popular crime programs in recent memory, focuses on what the criminal world finds most fascinating: the mind of a serial killer.

As a result, we follow the activities of an elite FBI agent who specializes in identifying extremely dangerous criminals and who must put his abilities to the test in order to apprehend a murderer. This is all taking place at a time when the FBI itself questions whether there is any science behind it. behind their strategies.

3. The Sinner

In a little American community on an isolated island, a lady suddenly attacks and stabs a man. And it appears that this is only one in a string of bizarre incidents plaguing the area. Naturally, the detective who is in charge of the investigation and is battling his own issues appears to be connected to the truth.

This is another another popular genre of detective programs. However, The Sinner accomplishes it quite effectively by making fun of the fact that the protagonist, Bill Pullman’s character from Independence Day, has memory issues, making it challenging to believe what is presented.

4. Criminal: United Kingdom


Forget the absurd plots, surprises, and looking for hints in strange places. The focus of Criminal: UK is questioning suspects. Additionally, the fact that everything happens in one room adds to the tension, especially as the investigators draw closer and closer to the truth.

The series’ idea is highly intriguing because it starts with an interrogation. As a result, each episode will focus on a different crime and cast well-known actors as the suspects, such as Kit Harington and David Tennant from “Doctor Who” (Game of Thrones). In this way, everyone of their performances as actors contributes to the narrative’s overall brilliance.

5. The Chestnut Man


The Chestnut Man stands out from the other series because it is a Danish tale, which already adds a unique perspective to the way this tale is conveyed. And the tone of the plot makes this clear right away.

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Two young investigators are initially recruited to look into a horrific murder in which the only evidence left by the perpetrator is a doll made of chestnuts. Even worse, the death might be related to the disappearance of the daughter of a prominent figure in the nation.