Why Mobile Games Are So Addictive


In the last decade or so, mobile gaming has really taken off. More people than ever before are now choosing to play games on their smartphones than on consoles, PC and other handheld devices. But why is the craze as big as it is? And what makes mobile games so addictive?

To begin, it’s worth going back to the start with mobile games.

Yes, there were the days of Snake on the old Nokias, but what started to change the game, excuse the pun, was the advancements made where mobile technology is concerned. Mobile phones became smartphones, and they packed more power and produced much better visuals. People didn’t play mobile games regularly in the past because the experience was way short of what was available on a console, for example.

When the devices that mobile games could be played on really started to deliver, it meant game developers could produce the type of content they’d dreamed of for years. And many of these studios became mobile-focused. So, the games that were being released were optimised and made purposely for smartphones, which delivered a much more efficient and enjoyable experience all round.

At this point, it’s where mobile gaming really began to take off. The content was always improving and doing so in tandem with how smartphones were advancing.

Connectivity became a massive thing, so games could be played online, and there was also the introduction of variety. It was no longer just classic mobile games. There were titles of all types, covering all genres.

For example, casino gaming became massive when it became available on mobile.

Because, like with all other forms of mobile gaming, there’s the convenience of being able to play whenever you like and from wherever you happen to be. There is also peace of mind knowing that developers are aware of potential pitfalls too, which is why there are strict regulations for online slot games at licensed brands.

Outstanding performance and convenience have become massive in mobile games being addictive in terms of people wanting to play them regularly. They’re key components, but there are more. For example, nowadays, people want to game with friends.

Multiplayer titles and battle royale-style games are all the rage, and this is all available on smartphone. Fortnite is excellent on console and PC, but it’s also awesome on mobile too.

And that really is the take home, because what can be played on the console, PC, or other devices is now available to enjoy in style on mobile, and then you factor in the convenience and so on. It’s also worth noting that this is a train that continues on the track, with further improvements being made all the time, such as 5G, which arrived and now 6G in the works. Ultimately, it will only lead to an even better mobile gaming experience for those who choose to play on smartphone.