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10 Life-Changing Tips for Organizing Your Fridge

10 Life-Changing Tips for Organizing Your Fridge

10 Life-Changing Tips for Organizing Your Fridge

I’ve been changing my lifestyle over the past few years to provide a better life for my family. Living healthier with straightforward solutions starts with a well-organized fridge that is full with fresh, healthy food.

Additionally, a well-organized fridge encourages you to eat at home rather than purchasing more expensive prepared foods, which prevents food waste and helps you save money.

I went to the supermarket to buy some new food, beverages, and organizing containers. When I got home, I cleaned out my fridge and emptied it of all its contents. I also trashed anything that had expired. I can’t help but smile when I see a clean fridge.

1. Keep It Stocked:

Preparing meals at home is frequently healthier (and more economical) than eating out. I make sure to keep a fully stocked refrigerator and freezer to make it simpler. several fresh fruits and veggies, lunch meats, and nutritious beverages. tortillas and bread.

I constantly maintain my grocery list up to date so I never run out of important ingredients. I use the Wunderlist app on my iPhone (which is sadly retiring, so I need to find a new one) so I always have my list with me when I go shopping.

2. Maintain a Pleasing Aesthetic:

a fridge that is immaculate. Lovely bowls. Arrangements of colorful fruits and vegetables in clear glass containers that are ready to eat. Containers. witty labels shelf liner with a pattern. pristinely clean.

Your fridge will inspire you to prepare a nutritious dinner or choose a healthy snack when it sparkles and makes you happy.

I discovered this fantastic shelf liner at Walmart; it is both aesthetically pleasing and facilitates simple cleanups. It can be readily removed but has a grip bottom to keep it in position.

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3. Storage Containers:

I enjoy using containers to arrange. They are quite helpful for organizing things because everything is put together to make it simple to discover. Because everything is neatly confined in one location, everything is also cleaner. In my refrigerator, I alternate between using porcelain dishes and plastic baskets.

My refrigerator’s bottom drawer is enormous, taking almost the full width of the appliance. Food was spilling out everywhere. To organize the drawer into divisions for lunch meats/bacon, cheese, and tortillas, I added three plastic paper trays.

4. Make It Simple:

Have fruits and vegetables washed and cut so it’s easy to grab a quick snack.

5. Water bottles:

I frequently use reusable water bottles, but I also keep a stock of bottled water on hand for trips to the water park or baseball game.

Since these locations permit sealed water bottles to be brought in, it is simple to stay hydrated by drinking healthy water rather than drinking less healthy beverages.

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6. Turntables:

To prevent small items from being lost in the rear, turntables are a fantastic organizing tool. I have a few in my cabinets and one in my refrigerator.

7. Labels:

I’m obsessed with making labels and love to use my label maker. In addition to liking the way they appear, I’ve found them to be incredibly practical for both family and visitors—everyone knows where to look for items and, more crucially, where to put them when they’ve been found.

I used clear label maker tape to print my labels, which I then covered with washi tape with bright green polka dots.

8. Leftovers Shelf:

It’s a good idea to gather all the leftovers in one location so that they may be consumed before they begin to mold and lose their identity.

I also use freezer tape to label containers of leftovers with the contents and the date and have a Sharpie close to the refrigerator to date bottles as I open them.

9. Meal Preparation Shelf:

I have a shelf where I keep all the ingredients for dinner organized so that I can be sure I have all the necessary ingredients and avoid having a family member eat an ingredient that was intended for my dinner preparation.

For meat, I like to keep a glass baking dish nearby in case there are any spills. Much simpler to clean up than washing the refrigerator’s shelves.

10.  To Make Cleanup Easier, Line Your Shelves with Plastic or Contact.

Cleaning refrigerator shelves is never simple. They have many unpleasant nooks that accumulate spilled-on filth and are an unusual size that never fits in the sink. by covering them with contact or plastic. If any spills occur, it is easily cleaned up.

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