Sylvester Stallone Was “blindsided” by Jennifer Flavin’s Divorce File, Which Was Detailed Inside.


Sylvester Stallone Was “blindsided” by Jennifer Flavin’s Divorce File, Which Was Detailed Inside.

Friends of Sylvester Stallone told Page Six that he was “blindsided” by Jennifer Flavin’s Aug. 19 divorce file because they had appeared to be “so happy” together weeks earlier.

The “Rambo” actor has been filming in Oklahoma City for his next Paramount Plus series “Tulsa King,” and according to acquaintances, Flavin, his wife of 25 years, has been present on set all the while.

Sly was reportedly astonished to learn of the filing on August 18 when he was in Oklahoma.

“There isn’t a nicer couple in the world,” She has been going to see him when he is filming in Oklahoma City. Everything sounded wonderful, and it was. I don’t know what happened,” a source said to Page Six.

Sylvester Stallone Was "blindsided" by Jennifer Flavin's Divorce File, Which Was Detailed Inside.

In her divorce petition, 54-year-old Flavin claimed that her husband “has engaged in the intentional dissipation, depletion and/or waste of marital assets” and demanded that Stallone be forbidden from selling or transferring any assets while the couple is going through a divorce. The couple has a home in Palm Beach, Florida.

However, a source with knowledge of the situation said: “I have no idea why Jennifer’s lawyers included this in the divorce petition; it’s just a complete falsehood. It’s so ludicrous. Sly hasn’t made even a T-shirt sale!

Stallone’s comment to Page Six was sent by a spokesperson: “I love my family. These are personal difficulties that we are peacefully and quietly resolving.

A buddy claimed that Sylvester wanted to reconcile with Jennifer. She opted to make everything public, so I’m not sure what will happen right now.

Sylvester Stallone Was "blindsided" by Jennifer Flavin's Divorce File, Which Was Detailed Inside.

She made it obvious that she thinks Sly is hiding marital assets as well. She claims, in the TMZ-obtained divorce documents, “According to information and belief, the Husband intentionally wasted, depleted, and/or wasted marital assets, which had a negative financial effect on the marital estate.

According to Florida Statutes, Section 61.075, equity requires that the wife get an unequal distribution of the marital assets in order to make her whole and recompense her. Additionally, the Husband should be restrained from disposing of any assets while the case is still pending by a court order.”

Jennifer desires to have her last name, Flavin, restored. She also wants the judge to stop Sly from taking money out of the joint account. The split was initially reported by Closer Weekly.

Other business insiders claimed that Michelle Bega, Sly’s longtime publicist, is not a fan of Flavin.

The $35 million Palm Beach property the couple purchased in 2020, with a $5 million down payment, has been requested by Flavin as sole ownership.

Stallone has an estimated net worth of $400 million, per

“I’m sorry to inform you that I have filed for divorce from my husband Sylvester Stallone after 25 years of marriage. Despite the fact that we are no longer married, Flavin said in a statement to People, “I will always cherish the more than a 30-year relationship that we shared, and I know we are both committed to our beautiful girls.

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