Subtly Confirming Divorce Talks With Sebastian Bear-McClard, Emily Ratajkowski!


Subtly Confirming Divorce Talks With Sebastian Bear-McClard, Emily Ratajkowski

People are taking notice of Emily Ratajkowski’s strange online conduct.

Fans are wondering what went wrong in the relationship less than two weeks after the news broke that the supermodel and Sebastian Bear-McClard had separated after four years of marriage.

Subtly Confirming Divorce Talks With Sebastian Bear-McClard, Emily Ratajkowski!

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Neither party has commented publicly on the separation, although Emily has “liking” tweets that may provide clues as to the cause.

Among the stranger tweets, Emily has “liked” one reads, “Can’t believe that little bitch cheated on emrata.”

Emily also liked a post in which a fan expressed excitement at the model’s impending singledom, asking, “Girls, how are we celebrating Emrata’s divorce.”

There has been no response from Emily and Sebastian’s camp to E! News requests for comment. Additionally, the author “liked” Miu Miu marketing posts in which she posed as a model for the company. One of the brand’s tweets noted, “Power can be found in delicacy,”

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Subtle Reactions to Emily Ratajkowski’s Split from Ex-Husband Sebastian Bear-McClard:

What’s more, “My goal is to maintain open lines of communication with him regarding the dynamics of power and his place in those dynamics at all times. I’d like for that world and self-awareness to be ingrained in him from the start.”

Subtly Confirming Divorce Talks With Sebastian Bear-McClard, Emily Ratajkowski!

Page Six claims that Emily Ratajkowski plans to file for divorce from her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard due to his infidelity. The model supposedly has been contemplating divorce for some time but has not yet filed for it. Last week, rumors began spreading that the pair had broken up after it was reported that Emily had been seen without her wedding band.

The accusation of infidelity by Sebastian was reported by a source to Page Six as follows: “He constantly cheated on his girlfriends. It’s disgusting.

True to his name, he is a canine.” In a February 2018 courthouse ceremony, Emily and Sebastian exchanged their vows. Sylvestor Apollo Bear, the couple’s first kid, was born last year. Emily told Vogue, “We like to respond that we won’t know the gender until our child is 18 and that they’ll let us know then” after the birth of her son with husband Ryan.

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