An Exhaustive Guide to the Stairway to Heaven, Also Known as Cannabis. Complete Details Provided Herein

An Exhaustive Guide to the Stairway to Heaven, Also Known as Cannabis. Complete Details Provided Herein

An Exhaustive Guide to the Stairway to Heaven, Also Known as Cannabis. Complete Details Provided Herein

Heaven’s Stairway, located in Eastern Canada, sold cannabis seedlings from a wide range of strains—roughly 300. Starting in 1998, the Montreal company has imported seeds from New Zealand and the Netherlands and has shipped them all over the world, notably to consumers in Canada, the United States, and Europe.

On or around January 31st, 2006, law enforcement conducted a raid on the company, prompting the removal of all associated websites.


As a result of their two-year investigation, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s Project Courriel seized 200,000 cannabis seeds, USD 3,000, and three gold bricks from a marijuana trafficking network.

Six people connected to Heaven’s Stairway business on Montreal’s Marsan Street, including Richard Hratch Baghdadlian, 38, also known as Richard Calrissian, have been charged with narcotics trafficking and importation.

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What Is A “Seed Bank”?

For the express purpose of preserving genetic diversity, seeds are often collected and stored in what is called a seed bank.

Multiple benefits can be gained from preserving seeds. So that plant breeders can use them in the future, we must conserve the genes that increase crop yield, resistance to disease and drought, nutritional value, flavor, etc.


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The preservation of endangered plant species is another objective of biodiversity conservation. Seed banks are an effort to keep alive the cultural and historical value of the numerous plants that were previously widely used but are now rarely used by humans. Seeds should be stored in a dry, cold environment to prevent the loss of valuable genetic resources being preserved in the field.

These additional “living” collections are vulnerable to the same threats as the primary ones, including natural disasters, disease epidemics, and armed warfare.

If we want to create new, genetically modified variants of existing seed varieties, we can use the knowledge stored in seed banks as a library.

Seeds can be preserved in a seed bank for decades, even centuries.

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Because of their reliance on government support, seed banks routinely donate their stockpile of seeds to scientific endeavors that benefit the general populace.

In 2002, Baghdadlian purchased, the largest cannabis grow site in the world. was formed in 1999 and has been lobbying for the legalization of cannabis by providing instructions on how to cultivate one’s own supply ever since.

An advanced search feature called the “StrainGuide” helped users find their ideal cannabis variety by looking into its genetic background. With help from publications like Maxim and High Times, the forums eventually grew to include more than 133,700 registered users and 6,016,336 posts.

When it came to prosecuting Canadian seedbanks, the DEA and the International Narcotics Control Board of the United Nations were highly interested.

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According to the INCB’s 1999 annual report: “The Board is alarmed to learn that websites hosted mostly in Canada are selling cannabis seeds and other growing supplies to people all over the world. Preventing the further spread of such farming requires immediate action. (Section 3:271 of the INCB’s 1999 Annual Report; February 2000)

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