In Smart Cannabis Corp. Smart Cannabis Corp. Expands Joint Venture with Single Point, Inc

In Smart Cannabis Corp.

In Smart Cannabis Corp.

The acquisition of intellectual property and companies positioned to profit from the growth of the organic food, medical research, and cannabis/hemp industries is a primary focus for Smart Cannabis Corp., a holding company.

Next Generation Farming Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary, supplies automated greenhouse systems designed for use in the cultivation of organic foods and legally grown cannabis. The company’s origin date is August 2, 2005, and it has its headquarters in Loomis, California.


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The individuals who make up Smart Cannabis Corp. are laser-focused and have a history of creating and expanding profitable businesses. The company’s leadership has been instrumental in the development of at least one “bell weather” firm in the legal cannabis industry. After 90 days, Smart Cannabis started turning a profit.

Its parent company, Emerald Health Therapeutics, and two of its subsidiaries, Next Generation Farming and Sap Investments, are headquartered in Northern California, one of the most lucrative regions for the cannabis sector.

Increased sales and market share for the company’s SMART by Design line of automated greenhouse systems, as well as the continued success of its proprietary SMART APP software and the establishment of viable, totally owned subsidiaries, bode well for the company’s continued expansion.

The rapidly expanding cannabis sector, as well as organic food manufacturing on a commercial basis, and medical research, are the company’s primary focus areas.

The burgeoning organic food, medical research, and cannabis/hemp industries are all areas of focus for Smart Cannabis Corp’s greenhouse technology.

Generation Farming is another aspect of the company’s operations, and it involves the design, construction, and management of commercial greenhouses and automation technologies that help organic food and cannabis growers increase their yields while decreasing their water usage. Additionally, greenhouses built to your specifications are available.

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Smart Cannabis Corp. Expands Joint Venture with SinglePoint, Inc

SinglePoint, Inc. and Smart Cannabis Corp. have announced an expansion of their joint venture agreement, which will provide SinglePoint the exclusive right to distribute Smart Cannabis’ Smart by Design greenhouses.

Because of this, Smart Cannabis will have more room to expand, and SinglePoint will have access to some of the best greenhouses available.


Agreement terms stipulate that SinglePoint will have the exclusive right to sell and install Smart Cannabis products throughout the state of Arizona. This includes the company’s SMART by Design™ automated greenhouse systems, as well as the SMART APP automation software product and the forthcoming Track and Trace Software System.

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