BitLife: IMPROVED – A Comprehensive Strategy Guide, including the Latest Tactics, Hints, and Cheats

BitLife: IMPROVED - A Comprehensive Strategy Guide, including the Latest Tactics, Hints, and Cheats

The new life simulator in town is called BitLife – Life Simulator, and it’s really addicting. It’s exciting to follow your character’s life as the year’s pass, whether they succeed or fail in love and business.

At other times, it may seem excessive in size.

There’s a lot to accomplish, and it can be demanding. Find out how to maximize your potential and enjoy life to the fullest. However, you need not fret; we have you covered. In order to get the most of your BitLife, we’ve compiled some of our most useful hints and suggestions.

Learn All The Secrets To The Best Life Simulation App Ever With This Guide To BitLife

Our comprehensive BitLife guide should help you if you’re looking for anything else. Also included are links to our other guides, which together cover pretty much every facet of this fantastic game.


BitLife, the smash hit game for iOS and Android where you control characters’ lives only through text, has become a household name.

You can change their age by a year, make them happier, healthier, smarter, and more attractive, improve their career prospects and personal fulfillment, and much more. Get them viral and you might even win over the attention of the media.

Here are some helpful hints for using BitLife, so keep reading.

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The BitLife Money Machine

One of the first things you’ll want to do is figure out is how to make money in the game. You will need to borrow money from your parents at first because you will not be able to start making money until you are older. The parent with more financial resources will likely give you more, but if their generosity is low, they may not do so.


Some of the changes have made it possible to start earning money through part-time work or freelancing endeavors even while still a high school student. Of course, you should always be aware of your stress levels to prevent them from rising to unhealthy levels.

High school graduates (or their equivalents, as the case may be) have the option of entering the workforce or continuing their education.

You can continue to work part-time or independently while attending college.

Longer times spent in higher education typically result in higher salaries, with the entertainment business being the primary exception to this norm. Going to college is not the best route to take if you want a career in the performing arts, such as singing, acting, directing, etc. Furthermore, there is no limit to how much money you can make.

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Generating Income while Unemployed

If you don’t have a job, you can still make some money in a few different ways. Real estate investing may be done in two ways: to keep the property for the long term or to buy and sell it. You should wait until you have made enough money off of the appreciation before selling your home.


Even if you aren’t already employed in a position often associated with wealth, real estate can help you get there quickly.

But Life Hacks, Tips, and Tricks: The Definitive Guide

BitLife is an extremely well-liked text-based life simulator mobile game that can be played on Android and iOS devices. It’s predicated on the idea that you can lead a life in cyberspace that’s just as real as your own.


You must begin acting as you would in the real world, with the knowledge that your actions will determine the course of your story. You get to decide whether you’re a boy or a girl, go through life picking out your own path, finding and marrying the person you love, and experience life to the fullest.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Bitlife Experience in General

We’ve included some standard BitLife advice that you shouldn’t overlook. Their impact on your life is profound, despite their seeming simplicity.

You shouldn’t put any restrictions on what you can do in a year of playing the game. You should try everything once, and some activities, like going to the gym or cultivating a new passion, are fun enough to repeat.


Pay Attention in Class – Just as in the real world, doing well in school is crucial to having a successful professional life. Pick “Study harder” each year as time goes on in your academic career.

By doing so, you improve your prospects of winning a scholarship, avoiding student loans, and landing a higher-paying career.

Take Care of Your Health – Just Like in Real Life, You Need to Take Care of Your Health Online. A visit to the doctor here won’t cost you a dime, so make the most of it if you’re feeling under the weather. However, you should not consult a witch doctor.

It’s not necessary to always pick the “Nice” choice; with BitLife, you may also have fun by selecting the “Jerk” or “Rebel” option instead. This will liven up an otherwise mundane existence.

Always make sure the green bars at the bottom of the screen are at their maximums. Different things, such as going to the gym, reading books, and meditating, can help you achieve this goal.

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