Tyrese Gibson and Samantha Divorce After Four Years of Marriage

Tyrese Gibson, a Singer. Legally Separated, Obligated to Pay KSh 1.2m in Child Support Each Month.

Tyrese Gibson and Samantha Divorce After Four Years of Marriage

Tyrese Gibson declared single again

The court has ordered the Best Man I Can Be singer to make consistent child support payments of KSh 1.2 million to his wife every month.

According to TMZ, the legal battle with his divorced wife ended Tuesday night in Georgia. There is a child together, a daughter named Soraya, from the previous relationship.


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Tyrese was informed that he should be delighted if his ex-wife moves into a finer property because it meant a better standard of living for his daughter, and the judge warned both Samantha and Tyrese against badmouthing each other in front of their daughter Soraya.

When Tyrese’s estranged wife finally filed for divorce in 2020, the judge ordered him to pay the appropriate amount of child support.

However, the 43-year-old defended himself by saying that he had been paying for his ex-automobile wife for two years despite their divorce.

Because of this, the judge reduced the total amount he had to pay to a flat sum of KSh 20 million.

The judge also gave him a break by deciding that they wouldn’t have to make monthly spousal support payments to one other.

After Nearly Four Years of Marriage, Tyrese Gibson and His Wife Samantha Have Decided to Divorce.

They have decided to end their marriage, and Tyrese Gibson’s wife Samantha Gibson has filed for divorce. Separation after nearly four years of marriage was announced in a joint statement posted on Tuesday.


Tyrese and his wife “We have decided to make a statement of a painful and significant development in our lives,” the message reads on Tyrese’s Instagram.

As painful as it is, we have decided to divorce and file for legal separation after giving it much thought and prayer.

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We hope to stay the greatest of friends and strong parents,” the message read, accompanied a photo of the actor kissing his wife on the red carpet. “We feel incredibly blessed to have found each other and deeply grateful for the 4 years we have been married to each other.

Both ups and downs have marked our time together, but it’s a ride we wouldn’t trade for the world. “We sincerely cherish and value one another. We’ve each learned so much from this relationship, experienced so many wonderful experiences, and are excited for our separate and equally bright futures.”

They added, “As if 2020 hasn’t already been exceedingly rigorous and challenging to us all, we wanted to collectively talk about this now to maintain this energy in 2020 and not extend it into 2021. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers and give us some space while we process the truth of our situation.

They have a daughter, Soraya, who is two years old; they got married in February 2017. Gibson also has a daughter, Shayla, 13 years old, from a prior relationship.

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