Steve O Net Worth: How This Celebrity Became So Famous?

Steve O Net Worth: How This Celebrity Became So Famous?

Early Years

Although Steve-O is American, he was born in London, England. Stephen Gilchrist Clover was given that name by his parents when he was born on June 13th, 1974. His father had English and American ancestry, while his mother was Canadian.


While his father was working for Pepsi-Cola, the couple was residing in England. Steve-family O’s relocated to Brazil when he was six months old because his father had been appointed head of Pepsi-Cola in South America.

The young Stephen Clover was exposed to other cultures and languages as a result of growing up in Brazil; he has said that his very first words were in Portuguese. When Stephen was a child, his family moved around a lot, and by the time he was two, he had settled in Venezuela.

Later, the boy developed fluency in Spanish. When he relocated to Miami at the age of six, he began his first period of time in the country. When he was nine, the family moved back to England, thus he would only stay there for three years.

After spending three years back in his hometown, he spent a year in Ontario, Canada, before making one final move back to London. This time, he had the opportunity to establish himself and spend four years in an English high school.

Steve-O pursued his education at the University of Miami after high school. He chose to attend clown school instead of finishing his degree after dropping out due to poor marks. After three years, Steve-O became a paid clown and began filming action sequences.

What was Steve-Compensation O’s for the Jackass Films?

For the same-named film franchise, the Jackass series actors brought their stunts to the big screen. Despite it being unknown how much money each actor made from the movies, according to Celebrity Net Worth, Jackass:

The Movie made $80 million on a $5 million budget, and Jackass Number 2 made roughly $85 million on a $11 million budget.


With time, the payouts increased as Jackass 3D exceeded its $20 million budget with revenues of nearly $172 million.

Steve-O admitted to Howard Stern in 2011 that despite the performers being paid in sequence for the movie, which was released that year, he was still waiting for back-end money. Technically, he explained, “Johnny comes first, then Bam, and finally I.”

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Obstacles to Mental Health

Due to his suicidal tendencies, Steve-O spent 14 days in a hospital in 2008. He entered a plea of guilty to cocaine possession as a felony that same year. He took part in a recovery program, which allowed him to avoid going to jail.


Despite having been sober for more than three months, he relapsed and entered a mental health facility. Later, Steve-O would claim that his drug use significantly harmed his mental health.

Career in Stand-Up

In 2010, Steve-O started performing stand-up comedy. He announced a second tour for the following year after his American tour. He performed on stage in significant Australian cities after that tour. His debut comedy special was released in 2016.


Stephen used to submit films of himself performing in the Fort Lauderdale Swap Shop to the editor of Big Brother magazine, Jeff Tremaine. Later, the latter hired him for the MTV show Jackass. Five spin-off films were produced as a result of the success of Jackass, including Jackass: The Movie, Jackass Number Two, Jackass 2.5, Jackass 3D, and Jackass 3.5.

  • Don’t Try This at Home, a DVD that Steve-O released in 2001, had all the content that MTV had edited while the show was airing.
  • He was detained in 2002, and to avoid going to jail, he had to agree to a deal with the Louisiana Police.
  • He went on tour in 2003 with Bam Margera, a Jackass co-star. This trip was followed by other detentions for drug possession and lewd behavior.
  • Alongside Chris Pontius, he co-starred in the newest MTV series Wildboyz from 2004 to 2006.
  • He also started his own shoe business, Sneaux Shoes, in 2005.
  • Stephen participated in the British reality TV series Love Island in 2006.
  • He was a celebrity on his USA Network program Dr. Steve-O in 2007.
  • Along with these releases, Steve-O also put out a mixtape titled The Dumbest Asshole in Hip Hop and his own rap album Hard As a Rock.
  • He participated in the Jackass MTV 24-Hour Takeover in 2008.
  • He participated in the popular competition Dancing With the Stars in 2009, however, he was eliminated after six weeks.
  • In 2010, he performed his stand-up act on tour throughout the country.
  • Additionally, Steve-O has a YouTube channel where he frequently posts videos. About 3.9 million people subscribe to him.
  • He participated as a contestant in the British reality television program The Jump in 2014.

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Steve-O: Achievements and Awards

Stephen has received two MTV Movie Award nominations. In 2003, Jackass: The Movie won in the category of Best On-Screen Team. And one more for Jackass 3D’s Best Jaw-Dropping Moment.

Steve O Net Worth

In many ways, Steve O is lucky to be alive.


Jackass, the once modest reality TV show, has evolved into a multi-million dollar movie franchise. It has earned a staggering total of $431,079,816 million at the box office and its stars have become household names in their own right. It has become a genuine cultural phenomenon and Steve O played an integral part in its success.

With his stand-up comedy career, podcast, and brand endorsements among other things, Steve O’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 million.

Steve O Girlfriend and Wife

We are currently discussing his marital status and dating situation. Brittany Mcgraw was the bride he married. They were wed in 2006, and their marriage ended in divorce in 2008.


He just got married to Lux Wright. She works as a stylist and designer for motion pictures, commercials, and still images. In 2018, they got engaged.

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