What Is boosie badazz Net Worth? Here’s Check All Details.


Early Years

On November 2, 1982, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Torrence Hatch was born. Lil Boosie grew up in an incredibly unsafe neighborhood. The neighborhood was usually too dangerous for the local police to enter.


After his father was killed, Boosie was raised without a parent. When Boosie was just 14 years old, he started rapping as an outlet for the daily violence he witnessed and the instability of his upbringing.

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Private Life of Bosie Badazz

Eight of Boosie’s offspring are by six different mothers. With his longtime partner Walnita Decuir, he has three children. After attempting to sneak Boosie’s drugs into the jail, Walnita was detained in 2010.


Boosie stated in December 2020 that he intended to sue Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for $20 million over the rapper’s removal off Instagram.

Boosie said in an interview with VladTV that his suspension from IG dried up numerous business prospects and could have cost him up to $20 million in lost prospective transactions. It wasn’t apparent if he was serious when he made the allegation because he hadn’t yet really filed the case.

Issues of the Law

Boosie has been detained and taken into custody on numerous occasions. He was charged with first-degree murder and drug distribution in 2010 after being indicted.


It was later revealed by the prosecution that they thought Boosie might have been connected to “at least five additional deaths.” He was finally convicted guilty of the drug counts but not the murder allegation. He received an eight-year prison term in a state facility.

Following a successful legal defense that Boosie had been set up by informants, he was granted early release from prison in 2014.

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Net Worth 2022:

Name Boosie Badazz
Net Worth 2022 $8 Million
Age 39
Annual Income $1 Million
Profession Rapper
Gender Male

Employment and Honors

Boosie C-Loc, a rapper from the Rogue Baton crew, coached BadAzz when he was a youngster and forced him to join the group Concentration Camp, which is where his career began. At age 16, BadAzz joined the group as its newest member.


He joined the group in 1998 and quickly established himself as a key member. However, Boosie BadAzz made the decision to leave the group after they helped him release his debut album, Youngest of da Camp, in 2000.

After leaving the camp in 2001, he secured a deal with Trill Entertainment. His second studio album, which was released in 2002, was a huge commercial success. He soon joined several of their projects.

Additionally, he released his debut mixtape in 2002 with help from Pimp C and Max Minelli, two other band members. Up until 2010, he went by Lil Boosie and put out five albums, all of which were huge hits.

However, he lost his flair and flare after being imprisoned in 2009. After being freed from prison in 2014, he went on to release many albums, but only a select few were commercially successful. He also had problems with his record label, Bad Azz Music, as a result of his legal troubles. He does, however, look good right now.

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Music Career of His Life

After meeting C-Loc through his cousin Young Bleed in the late 1990s, Boosie linked up with the rapper from Baton Rouge. Later, in 2000, Boosie made his recording debut on C-fifth Loc’s album, “It’s A Gamble.”


Boosie then launched his debut album, “Youngest Of Da Camp,” which went on to sell over 10,000 copies. He teamed up with Trill Entertainment in 2001, going by the stage name Lil Boosie, and releasing his second studio album, “For My Thugz.”

He continued to put out hit songs throughout the odds and in 2006, he launched his major studio album, “Bad Azz.”

Boosie was however detained in East Baton Rouge in October 2008 when sheriff’s deputies discovered drugs and a Glock in his vehicle. When he admitted to possessing marijuana for the third time less than a year later, he was immediately given a two-year prison term.

His sentence was increased by eight years when he admitted to sneaking narcotics into prison in 2011, but his supporters reacted angrily to his harsh decision and launched the free Boosie Campaign to shorten the rapper’s prison term.

Boosie was released in March 2014 after only serving a total of five years thanks to the assistance of that campaign.

Following his release from prison, Boosie earned a record deal with Atlantic Records and collaborated with Webbie on his debut single, “Show Da World.” After receiving a kidney cancer diagnosis in November 2015, Boosie lost 20 pounds in just 13 days. He made the decision to have surgery, and it was a success.

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