Apple Watch Series 8: What Is Currently Known About It?

Apple Watch Series 8:

Later today, Apple will introduce the new iPhone 14-series and its new line of smartwatches. The new Apple Watch Series 8 wearables, which will replace the Apple Watch Series 7 from last year, will have updated functionality and technical characteristics but mostly retain the same aesthetic. Here is all that is currently known about the Apple Watch Series 8.

Will there be a Series 8 Apple Watch?

A new Apple Watch arrives each year like clockwork, so it’s pretty safe to assume an Apple Watch Series 8 is on its way in 2022. There are already heaps of rumors swirling about the new device.


The new generation will likely replace the Apple Watch Series 7 in terms of widescale availability, particularly from Apple itself.

The Release Date for The Apple Watch Series 8 Is Unknown.

Although we don’t have an official release date for the Apple Watch Series 8, we do have a very decent idea. It is widely believed that the new product will debut during Apple’s September event with the iPhone 14.

The iPhone 14 launch event is set to take place on September 7, 2022, at 10:00 AM Pacific Time, according to an invitation acquired by Android Authority (1:00 PM ET).


The Series 7 launches on September 7, more than a month earlier than it did last year and more than a week earlier than the Series 6. On October 15, 2021, the Apple Watch Series 7—the company’s current flagship—was introduced.

On September 18, 2020, the Series 6 debuted. As Apple switches back to an in-person style for the introduction, this year’s model will also be unveiled in front of a live audience.

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The Apple Watch Series 8 will Include What Features and Specifications?

According to the most recent rumors, the Apple Watch Series 8 will resemble the Series 7 in terms of appearance with only minor modifications.


If that’s the case, we hope that the fact that there won’t be many external changes merely means that there will be much going on internally. However, it’s always feasible that Apple will offer more hues and band styles.

According to a rumor cited by MacRumors, the Product Red colorway will feature a new tint. Midnight, Starlight, and Silver might potentially be offered as options for the aluminum model at the same time.


Shoppers can anticipate a number of software features for the Apple Watch line, some of which will debut with the Series 8 device, according to Gurman.

One of these is a brand-new low-power mode that will support apps and other functionality rather than only displaying the clock face.


Additionally, satellite connectivity may soon be available in some circumstances. For short communications and emergency notifications in places without cellular service, Apple is said to use satellites.

According to Gurman, these improvements come in addition to AFib load detection, which gauges how frequently a person experiences atrial fibrillation, as well as new workouts and watch faces. The iPhone Health app will also get updates for tracking sleep, women’s health, and medication administration.

Software-wise, watchOS 9’s multisport workouts, new training experiences, stats, and workout views will be available on the Series 8 for fluid switching between sports.

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Temp. of the Body

The potential inclusion of a body temperature sensor in the Apple Watch Series 8 is one of the most persistent speculations. If a user’s temperature is greater than usual, this tool will notify them. If offered on the Apple Watch Series 8, it might be especially useful for women who want to keep track of their fertility.


Although more recent information suggests that the sensor may potentially be used to determine whether the wearer is feverish, this feature might not be offered at launch.

A recently obtained Apple patent for “Temperature gradient sensing in electronic devices” was published by MacRumors on August 10. It discusses several configurations that a temperature sensor and differential temperature probe could adopt, as well as the operation of the sensor. The patent’s graphics prominently feature an Apple Watch, which is very significant.

Will there be an Apple Watch Pro Model?

The device should be a touch more robust than its basic aluminum and stainless steel siblings thanks to the usage of harder materials. It’s not obvious yet whether Apple will position the Pro model as an outdoor smartwatch and equip it with features similar to those seen in the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.


There are rumors, meanwhile, that Apple wants to use the watch’s features to attract hikers, runners, and cyclists.

It’s interesting to think that people who enjoy the outdoors might not be the only ones. Gurman claims that the Watch Pro might possibly have a bigger battery (via 9to5Mac). The Apple Watch Pro may have remarkable multi-day battery life when combined with the low-powered mode at the tip.

What Will the Apple Watch Series 8 Price be?

For Apple, maintaining consistency has been essential, and this includes pricing. The Series 8 is anticipated to go on sale for $399 for the 41mm variant and $429 for the 45mm model. For the Series 7 in 2021, Apple established these prices.


If it does come, the Apple Watch Pro won’t be as affordable. The cost might be close to $1,000, challenging products like Garmin’s high-end outdoor watches, said Mark Gurman. However, this would result in a significant price increase over the $450 Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

What do We hope to see from the Apple Watch Series 8?

Even while the Apple Watch is undoubtedly the most well-liked wearable on the market, it isn’t perfect. Here are a few enhancements we want to see in the company’s upcoming model.

Longer Battery Life:

We’re probably kicking a dead horse, but Apple’s wearables’ battery life should be much better. For numerous generations, there has been a steady offer of 18 hours between charges.

We’re back to crossing our fingers because rumors that the Series 7’s battery would last longer between charges were unfounded.


The Series 8 might be the model to break the mold if it had a better processor. We hope Apple has something up its sleeve because the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro’s big battery capacity is a new competitor.

Further Monitoring of Health:

As was already mentioned, there are reports that a body temperature sensor is in development, although there are some doubts about its viability. It may turn out that Apple is known for delaying the release of features until they can be implemented precisely. Hopefully not.

Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch users would gain a lot from accurate body temperature monitoring, from tracking sickness to fertility.

We have also been keeping an eye out for speculations of potential blood pressure and glucose monitoring. This time around, it seems far less probable that these health tracking tools will become available, but we’ll put them on our wish list for the future.

Improved Sleep Tracking:

In connection with that, existing Apple Watches perform poorly in the sleep tracking department when compared to rivals like Garmin and Fitbit. We applauded Apple for including respiratory rate measurement in watchOS 8. Although this metric isn’t certified for use in medicine, it may help users spot symptoms of sleep apnea. Apple should improve its overnight offerings with more analytics and insights, in our opinion.

Naturally, this brings up the issue of the line’s present short battery life. The Apple Watch Series 8’s sleep tracking feature might be even more beneficial with advancements in that area.

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