An Easy-to-Use Online GIF Creator: Here’s Check Important Functions and Specifications!

An Easy-to-Use online GIF Creator: Here's Check Important Functions and Specifications!

An Easy-to-Use Online GIF Creator

Flixier is the perfect tool to make GIFs online. Our gif maker app runs in your web browser and lets you cut out parts of a video or combine images into funny, stylish or helpful GIFs, all in just a few clicks!


Our intuitive interface makes it easy to put together GIFs without any previous experience with editing and our cloud-powered rendering technology ensures that your creations will be ready to share in just a couple of minutes!

And the best part is that you can also use it to add motion text, captions, filters and video effects and get the perfect memes or reaction GIFs.

Make GIFs from Videos

Drag over videos from your computer, import them from Twitch or paste in YouTube links. Cut out your favorite parts and save them as funny GIFs. When happy with the result just export and share them with communities on Reddit or with your friends on Discord and other messaging apps.

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Combine images into GIFs

Take advantage of our Google Photos integration to upload multiple images and combine them all into a GIF, of course, you can also import images from your computer or from a variety of other cloud sources!


Flixier is compatible with all video and image formats so you can also use it to add transparent logos and watermarks to your GIFs.

Powerful GIF Creator


Since Flixier is a full-fledged video editor it comes with super powerful tools that you can use when creating a GIF. You can arrange all your media in a timeline, you can resize and position images and videos in the canvas, and you can stack pictures and text on top of each other to get the desired effect.

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Add static or Motion Text to your GIFs 


Adding text to a GIF with Flixier is as easy as dragging and dropping. Our gif maker comes with over 2000 fonts and even allows you to upload your own! We also offer a library of professionally animated, fully customizable motion text that includes Like, Share & Subscribe animations.

Why use Flixier to create GIFs Online?

A free GIF Maker


Flixier’s free version gives you access to all of the tools you need to create stunning GIFs right in your web browser, so you can try it out and see if it’s right for you before deciding whether or not you want to pay for the Pro version.

Cloud-powered GIF maker App


Our app uses cloud-powered technology to process media, meaning that your GIFs will be ready for download in just a few minutes. This also takes the processing load off of your own computer allowing Flixier to run smoothly on all systems, no matter the specs.

Create GIF Online


Our powerful editor allows you to cut or trim GIFs easily, as well as combine multiple GIFs together into one. We even have a GIPHY integration that allows you to bring GIFs over from the platform in just one click and thanks to our gif editor you can make changes and personalize them to fit your own creations.

Convert your GIFs to MP4


Flixier lets you convert any GIF file to MP4. This allows you to save space or take advantage of the new format to add music or narration to your GIFs. Converting a GIF to video with Flixier is easy and fast: all you need to do is go to Format and select Video when exporting.

How do I Make my own GIF?

Drag all of your media files over to the Flixier library, or paste in a YouTube link.

Combine, Cut, Add Text & Effects

Double-click on the files in your library to add them to the Timeline. If you want to create a GIF by combining images, arrange them chronologically and drag on their edges to change how long each of them stays on screen.


If you’re making a GIF from a video, use the Cut button to cut out the part you want to use in your GIF and then delete the other two halves.

The tabs on the left side of the screen allow you to drag over text or add subtitles, while the right-side panel lets you add filters, zoom in and out or do color correction.

When you’re done making your GIF, click the Export button. Under File Format, make sure to select GIF, then click on Export Video and your GIF will be ready for download!

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