When Did Michael Jordan File for Divorce from Juanita Vanoy, His First Wife?

When Did Michael Jordan File for Divorce from Juanita Vanoy, His First Wife?

When Did Michael Jordan File for Divorce from Juanita Vanoy, his First Wife?

The all-time best NBA player is Michael Jordan. He is one of the few athletes to have succeeded in becoming a billionaire, having enjoyed great success both on and off the court.

However, Jordan would have had access to much more money if not for the fact that he and his first wife, Juanita Vanoy, divorced.


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Many fans are unaware of Jordan’s personal life and are unaware that his divorce led to the then-largest celebrity divorce payment in terms of public records.

Let’s examine Jordan’s union with Vanoy, their divorce agreement, and the property the two of them left behind.

Michael Jordan received a sizable divorce settlement.

On September 2, 1989, Michael Jordan wed Juanita Vanoy. The shooting guard was a five-year NBA veteran at this point, had a lot of individual success, but his Chicago Bulls were unable to advance very far in the postseason.

Two sons and a girl were born to the couple after their marriage in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Jordans initiated two divorce actions. In the middle of Michael Jordan’s second-to-last NBA season, it first occurred in January 2002.

Nevertheless, the Jordans soon came together again, despite the fact that they had initially filed for divorce due to irreconcilable differences.

The most expensive divorce settlement in entertainment history at the time was Jordan’s ex-$168 wife’s million payouts. This will be worth $246 million in 2022. Also given to Juanita was a seven-acre house in Chicago.

Jordan spent more than $2 million on legal bills in addition to the divorce settlement. The six-time NBA champion made $94 million from his contracts in the league, which heightens the interest in this circumstance.

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After their Divorce, What Happened to Juanita Vanoy and Michael Jordan?

At the time of the divorce, Jordan owned a number of businesses despite being a former basketball player. A few years after their divorce, he amassed wealth and gained partial ownership of the Charlotte Bobcats (Hornets).


Jordan continues to be involved in business. His current net worth is believed to be $2.2 billion, notwithstanding the high cost of the divorce settlement.

The ex-NBA star wed model and Cuban-American Yvette Prieto in April 2013, and in February 2014, the couple welcomed identical twin children into the world.

In contrast, Vanoy is said to be a collector of works by numerous African-American painters. Juanita did not remarry, in contrast to her ex-husband.

The ex-wife of Jordan claimed that she preferred a low-key existence and was looking forward to simpler things like her kids and close friends. Her estimated $200 million net worth for 2022.

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