Vanilla Ice Net Worth: How to This Celebrity Became So Rich?


Childhood And Biography

Robert Matthew Van Winkle, better known by his stage name Vanilla Ice, was born in Dallas, Texas, on October 31, 1967. Ice claims that his mother named him since he never saw his biological father.

Vanilla Ice Net Worth

Real Name: Robert Matthew Van Winkle
Birthday: October 31, 1967
Age: 54 Years Old
Place of Birth: Dallas, Texas, United States
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 5ft 11in (181 cm)
Occupation: Rapper, Actor, TV Personality
Years Active: 1985-present
Net Worth: US $18 Million
Marriage(s): Laura Giaritta
Death-O-Meter: Alive

Van Winkle was inspired by hip hop at a young age, saying, “This is a very great reason for me as I love poetry. That entire trend really inspired me and changed me into the person I am now.

His mother filed for divorce when he was four years old. In order to go between Dallas and Miami, where his new stepfather worked at a car dealership, he spent his formative years.

He also began breakdancing with his buddies between the ages of 13 and 14, when he earned the nickname “Vanilla” for being the only black person in the group.

Van Winkle obtained his stage name “Vanilla Ice” from his nickname and the breakdancing motion he used to do, which was known as “The Ice.”

At parties, he often participated in rap battles, earning the moniker “MC Vanilla” from his pals due to his rhyme style.

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Career in the Profession

At the age of 16, Vanilla Ice wrote the song “Ice Ice Baby,” the lyrics of which were inspired by a weekend spent in South Florida with his friend and DJ D-Shay. The song’s lyrics praise Ice’s rhyme ability while describing Ice and Shay on a drug run that ends in a drive-by shooting.

Vanilla Ice Net Worth

He hired a manager who also happened to be the club’s owner, where Ice was doing his rap battle. The Manager agreed to a contract with Ice in 1987 after hearing his demo tape and recognizing the immense potential he possessed.

Before 1989, when independent record company Ichiban Records released “Play That Funky Music” as the single’s A-side and Vanilla Ice’s song “Ice Ice Baby” on the B-side, he was not well recognized.

They handed it over to a DJ at a radio station in Georgia so that he might play the track “Play That Funky Music,” but the DJ instead inadvertently played “Ice Ice Baby.” “Ice Ice Baby” gained popularity among the public and became a popular song.

Indignant about this, Suge Knight was compelled to sign the rights to “Ice Ice Baby.” The fastest-selling hip-hop album of all time is “To the Extreme,” the self-titled debut from Van Winkle.

For 16 weeks, the album was at the top of the charts. In addition to “Mind Blowin,” “Hard to Swallow,” “Bi-Polar,” “Platinum Underground,” and “W.T.F. (Wisdom, Tenacity, and Focus),” Van Winkle also released five further studio albums. In 2008, he also released a cover album titled “Vanilla Ice is Back.

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Personal Life

Laura Giaritta Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth, Children of Vanilla Ice's Ex-wife  - News and Gossip

In the years 1991 and 1992, Vanilla Ice dated Madonna for about eight months. He married Laura Giaritta in 1997, and the two of them had two children, KeeLee Breeze and Dusti Rain. He declared himself a vegetarian in 2012. Laura requested a divorce in 2016 on the grounds that their union could not be saved.

Marriage and Financial Situation

His average monthly income was $68,000 (about $800,000 annually), according to divorce papers that his wife of 21 years, Laura, filed in November 2018. We also discovered that Ice had $3 million in liquid assets, as well as 15 residences, 8 automobiles, and a boat for a total of almost $5 million.

Who knew Vanilla Ice was still loaded?

Depending on market circumstances and values, the value of his real estate holdings might be MUCH higher. A judge issued a ruling after learning this, requiring Ice to pay $121,000 in back child support payments along with $10,000 every month until a final settlement was achieved.

Vanilla Ice Enters the Music Industry

He attracted attention for his dance talents at first since he often defeated opponents. He began frequenting Dallas nightclubs with The Vanilla Ice Cream or the VIP, his dancing group.

Tommy Quon, the proprietor of City Lights nightclub, was impressed by his outstanding performance and gave him the chance to perform frequently there.

Vanilla Ice Net Worth

Vanilla was already attracting notice, and the club was giving him an audience to which he could perform frequently, so it was a win-win situation for both parties.

He wrote songs while performing in nightclubs, and in 1989 his debut album—which included his first hit song, Ice Ice Baby—was released.

The song was then included on the list of songs that most radio stations played regularly. He signed a deal with SBK Records thanks to the popularity of this song. He released a single P throw that same year, continuing the success of his debut effort with some fantastic music.

The Musical Downfall of Vanilla

But as he became more successful, more people began to inquire about his past and all the things he hadn’t disclosed at the time. It was claimed that SBK Records had fabricated the star’s biography in order to portray his upbringing and musical journey.

What Ever Happened to Vanilla Ice After His One Hit? - Best of the Best

Although, as Ice would later admit in an interview, it was something quite different from what others had read as his biography, Ice was ignorant of it.

Many people, including his formerly devoted supporters, became enraged by this discrepancy as they started to detect errors in his songs. He was charged with writing songs that lacked originality and inventiveness. At the time, most of his lyrics were a mashup of African American music.

With each futile attempt, Vanilla made to arrange his musical acts, he slid deeper and farther into musical obscurity. It took more than his 1994 album Spirit Blowin to revive him musically, and in July of that year, he found solace in telling people to cease abusing drugs. He was fortunate to survive with only a close call to death. That is why it exists now.

He made the decision to accept his true identity, Robert Matthew Van Winkle, upon returning to the realm of the living, where we currently find ourselves, and to bury the former musical icon Vanilla Ice within him.

Van Winkle began extreme sports after witnessing everything. Aside from the commotion of his old songs, he practiced jet-skiing competitively and truly loved it. In Miami Beach, he even opened a sporting goods shop named “2 The Xtreme.” The fact that he actively competed in motorsport in his youth and is rumored to have won two championships should be emphasized here.

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