Did Angelina Pivarnick & Chris Larangeira’s Divorce Confirmed? Is It True? Here’s Check Most Shocking News!

Did Angelina Pivarnick & Chris Larangeira’s Divorce Confirm? Is It True? Here's Check Most Shocking News!

 Did Angelina Pivarnick & Chris Larangeira’s Divorce Confirm? Is It True? Here’s Check Most Shocking News!

Chris Larangeira, the spouse of Angelina Pivarnick, officially filed for divorce several months ago.

On May 29, it was completed.

Pivarnick approved the terms of the divorce without being present while Larangeira attended the court session.


Although their divorce is final, The Sun reports that they are still embroiled in a bitter legal dispute because he maintains that she still owes him money.

Larangeira asserted in court documents last month that Pivarnick isn’t abiding by the conditions of the contract.

“Angelina shall pay Christopher the sum of $22,000 which represents his 50% portion of the funds provided to the parties for their wedding,” the divorce settlement agreement states.”

Larangeira asserted that the $22,000 was never given to him.

According to his attorney, Pivarnick is refusing to “adhere to the provisions of the party’s validly completed marriage settlement agreement.””

In addition, Larangeira demands that Pivarnick pay his legal expenses and be fined $50 per day for each day that the $22,000 is not paid.

Larangeira cited “irreconcilable disagreements” in her New Jersey divorce filing in January.

Nine months after Angelina’s divorce petition was filed, it was dismissed.

The “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” series has chronicled the ups and downs of their relationship. In one episode, Angelina discussed her “nonexistent” sexual life, saying, “It’s like, we’ll argue, and whoever begins the fight won’t want to bang. Therefore, neither he nor I nor anyone else wants to bang.

“Our sex life is nonexistent at this point, and honestly, I don’t know if we can get the spark back in our relationship,” she admitted in a confession. It’s not a good thing, either.

Pivarnick said, “I’m by no means perfect. I’m hardly the best wife ever, by any means. I scold him. I’ll occasionally insult him. I believe that we are both mistaken. But notice how I’m being honest with you? He will never own that he was mistaken.

Couples counseling was being tried by the two, but she admitted to her friends that she wasn’t convinced it was improving their relationship.

The fact that Pivarnick said, “Things are pretty f**ked up between Chris and I right now,” was another sign that their relationship wouldn’t endure. I’m sort of wondering, “What the f**k do I do?” I have to make a fairly major decision on whether to stay in or quit my marriage.

There are no kids between Chris and Angelina.

The relationship between the two began in 2016. Three years later, they exchanged vows in a publicly broadcast ceremony.

Rumors of Chris’ Cheating


Chris and Angelina have both been charged with infidelity throughout their marriage. The assertion was made by Angelina to Jenni during a 2021 episode of the MTV program that Chris had been discovered hanging out with a 22-year-old lady in a pub.

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Angelina’s Allegations of Cheating

In the meantime, Angelina has also been charged with cheating on her ex-husband. She has been accused of cheating on Chris by her Jersey Shore castmates in prior seasons, despite her constant denials.

Lauren Sorrentino, Mike’s wife, related allegations she heard from a relative to the group: “Angelina has been going to her neighbor’s house and keeps parking in the spot in front of her house and she is allegedly cheating on her husband with this girl’s neighbor.”


Part 2 of season 5 will see more drama develop. During a preview for a future episode, Mike referred to Angelina as a “cheater.” After the tape, the guido and Chris got into a furious dispute about how she had “many side pieces” during their marriage.

Regarding the extended fifth season, Mike confidentially told In Touch, “This season is probably a lot messier than I would want.” But on the other hand, “I’m going to call you out” if someone in the group makes decisions that mess with the group’s lives.

The former EMT acknowledged putting a tracking device in Chris’ car. Later, she found out that he had spent almost 11 hours in a hotel room with his friend and two ladies. Jenni was told by Angelina that “he said nothing happened in the room.”

He never acknowledges responsibility for his acts. He claims that nothing occurred. According to him, the two girls slept on one bed while he and his male friend slept in another.

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Filed a Second Divorce

In January 2022, Chris once more requested a divorce from Angelina, this time citing “irreconcilable differences” as the cause of their separation.


Given that the ex-couple hasn’t publicly reunited since filing for divorce, the breakup appears to be final.

In the Midst of Her Divorce from Chris, Angelina Was Admitted to The Hospital for “killing Stress.”

According to the Sun, Angelina requested that the judge enforce a secrecy agreement in her response to Chris’s divorce petition in March 2022.

On April 12, 2022, Angelina shared a video of herself in a hospital bed on her Instagram Story, informing her followers that she had recently been hospitalized to the hospital amid her divorce battle with Chris.

Please give me time to react if you are calling or messaging me. I must improve,” she wrote (per Us Weekly). “My health is more important than everything else.”

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