Is Full Dive Season 2 Release Date Confirmed? Here’s Check Its Storylines, Casting, Trailer & Much More!

Is Full Dive Season 2 Release Date Confirmed?

Full Dive: The Ultimate Next-Gen Full Dive RPG Is Even Worse than Real Life! Youta’s illustrations accompany the Light Tuchihi-penned and Light Tuchihi-illustrated Furu Daibu RPG ga Genjitsu Yori mo Kusoge Dattara (Japanese:) light novel series. As of August 2020, the MF Bunko J imprint has produced four volumes.

There is a manga adaptation with art by Kino that has been published since January 2021 in Media Factory’s seinen manga Monthly Comic Alive. It was ENGI that created the anime series, which ran from April to June of 2021 on TV Tokyo-based.

When Can We Expect Season 2 of Full Dive?

Most anime series averagely take at least one or one and a half years for its production. Sometimes, when the studio doesn’t compromise with the quality of the animation, the production even lasts for more than two years. Its release date is Sep 2022 according to our internal sources.


Kyuukyoku Shinka Shita won’t take this long, but it will likely take at least one year. If Studio ENGI or Kadokawa formally confirms it, we will let you know as soon as possible.

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In-Depth Dive’s Storyline

At the height of VRMMO development 10 years ago, a game called “Kiwame Quest” sprang into the spotlight with unparalleled promise.

Realism was the goal of this game, which included a total of 10 sex decillion branches of conceivable storylines with an NPC population that resembled humans. VRMMOs as a whole started to see a steady decline in popularity as it became clear that the game had gone too far in its realism.


A few years ago, Hiroshi Yuuki, a high school student, was involved in a car accident that left him permanently disabled.

It is only after Hiroshi has been unable to get the current version of his favorite game that Reona Kisaragi persuades him to buy a copy of the game Kiwame Quest so that they may play together.

Astonishing realism is Hiroshi’s initial impression as he begins playing. In the end, he realizes that the game is worse than his already hectic existence since his first surprise is rapidly followed by a string of bad luck. Hiroshi, despite his developing disdain for the game, continues to log on. If Hiroshi fails to clear the game, he has no choice but to forfeit the match!

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Complete Season 2: Status of Renewing Contracts

The plot of Kyuukyoku was fascinating, yet there are major flaws in the tale. As a consequence, it was met with a mixed reception from reviewers and a warm reception from audiences. The problems with the show were promptly identified by the experts. Currently, Full Dive has a MAL score of 6.51.


As you can see, this is a very typical result. On the other hand, its MAL group has more than 156,500 members and is listed at #1094 in popularity on that platform.

Shows that had average ratings and excellent popularity have received renewals. Full Dive Season 2 could also be given a shot by the show’s producers.

The fact that Studio ENGI has a substantial amount of source material and that the LN is still on the lam raises the likelihood of the show being renewed. As a result, the much-awaited second season of the anime is expected to be announced very soon.

Plot and Spoilers for Season 2 of Full Dive

Because we don’t yet know how many volumes of the light novel series the second season of Full Dive would adapt, we are unsure of where it might go.


In particular, we have no idea whatsoever about how far the second season may go when it debuts due to a general lack of knowledge. The summary of the primary source that follows will suggest what might be altered for a prospective second season.

High school student Hiroshi Yuki enjoys playing video games. He has shock when Reon Kisaragi connives to get him to purchase Kiwame Quest. One of the games from 10 years ago, Kiwame Quest, strives for realism in everything while providing the players total control over their actions.

The players didn’t like the too realistic games, hence this strategy was unpopular at the time. However, the game’s servers are still active, and anyone is welcome to sign up for this engaging virtual reality MMO.

When Hiro first starts the game, he runs into NPCs that act like real people and take on the roles of the player’s childhood pals. By chance, Hiro murders Martin, one of them, and gains the reputation of a criminal; as a result, the entire city guard starts looking for him.

The Second Season’s Potential Release Date

There is still a chance for a new season as long as the light novel supplies enough source material, even though the popularity aspect restricts the potential of the upcoming season of the anime.


Unexpected things abound in the anime world. Taking into account the completion, renewal, and production times of the source material, we can assume that a new season of the anime at the end of  December 2022, even with a modest possibility. But bear in mind that this is simply conjecture and that the likelihood is extremely low.

Ratings & Reviews for Full Dive

Or Full Dive: The Ultimate Full Dive RPG is even more disgusting than the real world if that makes any sense! MyAnimeList’s audience rating is 6.48 out of 10.


The program has a lower-than-average audience rating and a few negative reviews. As a result of the humor, many fans find the protagonist “the most irritating, whiny, unlikeable twerp in the anime,” as some have referred to him.

According to IMDB, the anime has a 6.4 user rating. Despite the negative reviews, the program’s fans feel it’s a great show.

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