Rumors of Harrison Ford’s Divorce From Calista Flockhart: Is It True? Everyone Wants to Know this Shocking News!

Rumors of Harrison Ford’s Divorce From Calista Flockhart: Is It True?

Since the actor’s nearly deadly plane crash earlier this year, Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford’s marriage has been rocky, and they are reportedly very close to divorcing for $224 million.

It seems sense that Harrison hasn’t been himself since the accident. According to tabloid reports, Calista has been patiently waiting on him, but despite her attempts to reassure him, he has been lashing out at her.


According to the July issue of the National Enquirer, Calista left her husband on their wedding anniversary, June 13, and took a plane out of the country with her son Liam to see some relatives.

According to an informant who spoke to the newspaper, “Calista was purportedly going to visit family, but the fact that she left on her wedding anniversary stressed their already tense relationship.” This was their fifth wedding anniversary and the first following the close call with Harrison’s death in the plane crash. Calista, on the other hand, decided to depart that day.

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Harrison Ford’s Childhood

On July 13, 1942, Harrison Ford was born in Chicago, Illinois. He traveled to Wisconsin’s Ripon College to study philosophy. Harrison decided to take a drama class in his final year to get over his crippling shyness.

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He quickly developed an addiction to acting. After graduating, he remained in Wisconsin and participated in a number of regional theater plays.

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In 1964, he traveled to Los Angeles to appear in a radio voice-over audition. He chose to remain in Los Angeles even though he was unsuccessful in getting the job.

Eventually, he was approved into the new talent program at Columbia Pictures, which offered a weekly salary of $150. Between 1966 and 1973, he only had a few small tasks, most of which went unacknowledged.

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Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart might be on the Verge of Divorcing.

She cared for him in his hour of need, but last month, on their fifth wedding anniversary, Calista Flockhart left her aviation-obsessed husband Harrison Ford.

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Now, there are rumors that she might be leaving him permanently.


The actress, who wed the Indiana Jones actor in 2010, is rumored to be angry with him since he’s started flying again after suffering terrible injuries in an aircraft crash in March.

The 72-year-old actor was forced to crash-land on a golf course in California and was taken to the hospital with a shattered pelvis and serious scalp lacerations.

The catastrophe was horrifying for Calista, 50, who rushed to her husband’s side following the violent collision and cared for him during his protracted rehabilitation.

An insider said, “The crash took a heavy toll on both of them.

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” “Calista is happy Harrison survived, but she was ready to tell him, ‘Your flying days are over!’”

Harrison has steadfastly refused to give up his beloved hobby, and on May 28 he took to the skies once more, angering Ally McBeal.

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