‘SO I’M A SPIDER, SO WHAT?’ Season 2: – Release Date Is Confirmed or Not? Here Check Its Expected Plot, Casting Recap – Everything We Know!

‘SO I’M A SPIDER, SO WHAT?’ Season 2: – Release Date Is Confirmed or Not?

Okay, so I’m a spider. An anime adaptation of the Japanese light novel with the same name is called Kumo Desu ga, Nanika. Okina Baba’s essay So I’m a Spider, So What? aired as an anime television series from January to July 2021. What is known about So I’m a Spider, So What? is as follows. two seasons.

Season 1 of So what if I’m a spider? The series was delayed because of the global pandemic, and it won’t be available until January 2021.

So what if I’m a spider? Millipensee animated the 24 episodes that made up the first season. So what if I’m a spider? Depending on where you are, you can watch the show on Crunchyroll or Bilibili.


What’s the Big Deal? This is the Second Episode of Season 2.


Season 2 will adapt volume 8 of the manga and follow Kumoko and her party as they travel through the demon world. When they arrive at the town of Renxandt Empire, the military is forced to intervene in their efforts to continue their mission. We’ll find out how the peace between Ariel and Nameless works out and learn more about Wakaba’s organization as the story progresses.

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So, I’m a Spider, So What Season 2 Plot Expectations Do I Have?

My spider nature isn’t a big deal. Season 1 ended suddenly, and it is clear that there is still a lot more to tell. Since season 1 concluded, it’s reasonable to presume that the program is returning for another season. The terrible demon lord’s schemes will be laid bare. A loss for the demon lord and his plot is certain, and Shiraori will undoubtedly try to thwart their efforts.


As a result of the animation, My spider nature isn’t a big deal. There is no lack of inspiration for this film, which is based on the same-named light book.

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What’s the Big Deal? The Cast of Season 2 –

We may anticipate the following cast members to reprise their roles in the show’s second season:


  • Shiraori: Aoi Yuki, please.
  • In the words of Ariel: “Sumire Uesaka”
  • Sophia’s real name is Ayana Taketatsu.
  • wrath is Ryota Osaka’s name.
  • Daisuke Namikawa

I’m a Spider, then What Is The Season 2 Plot’s Storyline?

In the universe in which the novel is situated, the battle between the Hero and the Demon Lord has not yet been settled. They both constantly attack one another, wrecking havoc on the landscape. A powerful space-time spell strikes a Japanese high school instead of its intended target. Every student in the building perishes in the end.

All of the students are mysteriously reincarnated and transferred to a new planet. It turns out that some of them are monstrously strong beings. They additionally discover themselves in other elite groups.

She is still a sweet girl despite having been transformed into a “ordinary” spider monster. Her name is Shiraori. Beyond her general awareness of others and her optimistic view on life, she does not possess any exceptional abilities. She is the main character of the show.

Shiraori quickly discovers that, in a world populated by vicious and uncontrolled predators, she is among the planet’s most vulnerable species. She is forced to put up with their hardship. When she realizes that, she decides to use her weapons to fight these vile creatures in order to bring about some long-overdue change in the world.

Date of Season 2’s Release? Will It be Release In 2022?

After the series finale, fans expect the show to be given the all-clear. That means the show will return after a regular absence of one and a half to two years. As a result, we may anticipate What’s the big deal? Season 2 is expected to premiere sometime in the second half of 2022.


So I’m a spider, so what? Season 2 has not been renewed officially, although fans can expect the show to get a second season soon owing to its popularity. Since the anime was released in 2021 there will be a significant gap between the first season and the second season.