Grey’s Anatomy: Callie and Arizona Take a Break — Are They Breaking Up For Good?


Why do you have to continuously ruin our favorite pairings, Shonda Rhimes? Although Callie and Arizona appear to have survived everything, Calzona may have reached a breaking point since, as we all know, solid relationships don’t exist on “Grey’s Anatomy.” Grey’s Anatomy’s episode from October 23 focused on a pair that we initially believed to be one of Seattle’s power couples, but it now appears that we may have been mistaken.

On the medical front, Callie (Sara Ramirez) performed a challenging surgery, and Alex (Justin Chambers) stepped up to the plate with a challenging pediatric case.

But not everyone was making progress. After learning that Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) would fail her new fetal fellowship program, Arizona was rendered speechless.

When You Found Out that Callie and Arizona Would be Splitting Up, How did You React?

Capshaw: When discussing their problems, showrunner Shonda Rhimes was frank and stated that they had a 50/50 chance of success. Even though it appeared that Callie and Arizona were back together and content by the end of the previous season, I knew they weren’t.

People asked me why they weren’t in therapy so frequently, and I think that’s because they hadn’t fully dealt with the issue yet.

With this episode, you can see what has to be addressed, what is broken, and whether it can be fixed. They both are upfront and true to themselves. Because they take this break towards the end, it is shocking.


Ramirez: I was concerned about how people might react, but I had to let that worry go. I knew the connection was a really huge thing since I had played it for so many years, and I was afraid of the difficulty of handling the episode’s emotional weight.

I felt the strain of the emotional workload of it all after being in every scene of episode nine last year. It’s terrifying and exciting all at the same, just like any breakup.

Why does Callie Divorce her Husband?

Ramirez: The first time Callie goes to therapy, she is quite resistive; I don’t think she understands what to expect and she is scared of losing her marriage. Callie opposes the idea of a home separation when they do go.

She remains largely refractory throughout, but she does get a look into her professional life at work without the stress of trying to mend their relationship.

Grey's Anatomy: Callie and Arizona Take a Break — Are They Breaking Up For Good?

As the therapy sessions go on, Callie begins to see how rich her life is outside of the relationship and how the drama is an attempt to cure what’s wrong with it. Callie eventually comes to the realization that she feels more connected to who she is when she isn’t trying to mend this relationship.

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Would you have Preferred if they had Broken Up?

Capshaw: People constantly ask me if I want them to be together, so filming that sequence was quite moving.

Because I want two people who are meant to be together, who work hard to support one another, and who deserve each other to be together, I am a romantic at heart. People should not be together if that is not the case.


That’s not taking place in this particular tale. The fact that you get to watch every stage of their relationship is what makes the episode so lovely: The highlights include their first encounter and kiss, seeing Arizona having an affair, and learning that Callie became pregnant while Arizona was away in Africa. They can get off track for a variety of reasons, and that is true.

Because that’s the journey you’re on when you subscribe to watch this show, these stories being told are meant to thrill, excite, disappoint, and shatter your heart. I have sympathy for those who will be saddened by this, but I also believe there is a lot of potential for a compelling story.

Both characters should be able to stand on their own as distinct, interesting, complex, and fully realized individuals. What they decide to do moving forward will be fascinating. They are both traveling in the direction of happiness.

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Will they Look into Divorcing?


Capshaw: I’m not sure. Was their union recognized by the law, as you usually mention? I’m not sure if it will pan out. I only know that a ceremony took place, and that was sufficient for them to feel wed.

How Will This Affect the Way they Get along at work?

There will be a period of instability and unsteadiness, but my hope is that they can work through it by remembering what they liked about one another and how much they still care for one another. Then, they can use that to forge a strong bond that will serve them well as co-parents, friends, and coworkers.


Ramirez: Although their professional paths do not occasionally cross, Callie is concerned about Arizona’s mounting workload.

The possibility of two women who still love each other and share a child being willing to change their relationship into a different kind of loving relationship that is not necessarily romantic but that exists for the child’s wellbeing is just as exciting as having these two women get married on television.

What if they get along better as friends who have a kid together? And what if the lesson there isn’t just discomfort and dread over them breaking up, but something far more profound? The possibility exists, but I’m not sure if the Shondaland authors will investigate it. But that might be very fascinating.

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