Ringo Starr Net Worth: Everyone See His Tour, Setlist, Songs, Age, Wife & Much More!


What is Ringo Starr’s Net Worth?

Net Worth: $350 Million
Age: 82
Born: July 7, 1940
Gender: Male
Height: 1.68 m (5 ft 6 in)
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Source of Wealth: Professional Singer
Last Updated: August 2, 2022

Early Years

On July 7, 1940, Richard Starkey, better known as “Ringo Starr,” was born in Dingle, Liverpool. Starr was Richard Starkey and Elsie Gleave’s lone child. Starr was into a brief coma at the age of six due to appendicitis, which led to his illness.

Ringo Starr Net Worth

Starr decided against going back to school after being released from the hospital and instead to stay at home and play music instead.


Due to the numerous rings, he wore and the fact that he started his musical career in a Skiffle band, Ringo Starr earned the moniker “Ringo.”

He had already completely embraced the stage moniker “Ringo Starr” by this point. He first met The Beatles in 1960 and joined them two years later.

Ringo Starr Net Worth

  • The Beatles provide Starr with his first professional recording opportunity in 1962. The group, often regarded as the greatest band ever, seized the world by storm.
  • A few years later, Starr was given another opportunity to showcase his acting skills while also contributing the vocals to the track “Act Naturally.” He became more alone than ever after getting sick. But in 1966, he was given the opportunity to sing lead on the song “Yellow Submarine.”
  • Time Takes Time, Starr’s first studio album since 1983, was released in 1992. He began collaborating with the Beatles on the “Beatles Anthology” project two years later.
  • After releasing the album “Ringo 2012” in 2012, the “All-Starr” band revealed that they would be touring the Pacific Rim in 2013.
  • Ringo Starr has a $350 million net worth as of September 2022, ranking him as the 10th richest rock star in the world.

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Ringo Starr’s Private Life

In the same week that he joined the Beatles in 1962, Ringo Starr had a meeting with stylist Maureen Cox. In February 1965, they got hitched.

Harry Graves, Starr’s stepfather, and George Harrison, another Beatle, served as witnesses, and Beatles manager Brian Epstein served as the best man.

Ringo Starr Net Worth

  • The Chicklettes’ cult song “Treat Him Tender, Maureen” featured their wedding. Three children—Zak (born 13 September 1965), Jason (19 August 1967), and Lee—were born to the marriage (born 11 November 1970). This was 1971. Starr bought Tittenhurst Park from John Lennon and moved his family there in Sunninghill, Berkshire.
  • After Starr’s repeated infidelity, the couple filed for divorce in 1975. Leukemia was discovered in Maureen in 1994 when she was 48 years old. Eight grandkids also exist for Ringo Starr.

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Is Vegan or Vegetarian Ringo Starr?

In addition to being a vegetarian, Ringo Starr stated, “I have blueberries every morning and broccoli with everything. I only take action that I deem to be beneficial to me.

Ringo Starr’s Personal Effects, Inc.

Ringo paid $5570 for the vehicle at the Earls Court Motor Show in 1964. It was bought at auction for $567,000 in 2012. Ringo also owned a 1967 Ford Mustang 289, but he sold it to someone else in 1991.

Ringo Starr Net Worth

This was 1971. Ringo Starr moved his family to Berkshire after buying John Lennon’s home, Tittenhurst Park near Sunninghill. Between Los Angeles, Cranleigh, England, and Monte Carlo, Ringo Starr and Bach divided their time. The residence is also in London’s Chelsea neighborhood, off King’s Road.

Does Ringo Starr have Children? Who is his Wife?

In 1965, Ringo Starr wed Maureen Cox for the first time. George Harrison served as a witness, and Beatles manager Brian Epstein served as best man.

Ringo Starr Net Worth

Zak and Jason were sons born in 1965 and 1967, respectively, and Lee was a daughter (born 1970).

Due to Starr’s frequent affairs, the couple filed for divorce in 1975. Later, he acknowledged that he was “an alcoholic, a batterer of wives, and an absent parent.” At age 48, Maureen passed away from leukemia in 1994.

On the set of the movie Caveman, Starr later met Barbara Bach, an actress, and the two got married in 1981.


Who is Ringo Starr? – Ringo Starr’s Net Worth

English musician, singer, songwriter, and actor Ringo Starr is well-known. Ringo Starr, who was born on July 7, 1940, is currently 82 years old.

 How much money is Ringo Starr worth?

English musician, singer, songwriter, and actor Ringo Starr has a $350 million net worth. On July 7, 1940, Ringo Starr was born.

 How much does Ringo Starr weigh?

The popular English musician, singer, songwriter, and actor Ringo Starr weighs 68 kilograms. From the aforementioned article, learn more about Ringo Starr.

What is Ringo Starr’s height?

Standing 5 feet 6 inches tall, English musician, singer, songwriter, and actor Ringo Starr is also an actor.

 What is Ringo Starr’s age?

On July 7, 1940, Ringo Starr was born. Age of Ringo Starr is 82.

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