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What Is Bert Kreischer’s Net Worth? Everyone Wants to Know His Dad, Kids, Daughter, Favorite Brand, House, Movie, New House, Wife Leann & Much More!

What Is Bert Kreischer's Net Worth?

Young Life

Albert Kreischer Jr. was raised in Tampa after being born in St. Petersburg, Florida, on November 3, 1972. His father was a real estate lawyer, while his mother was a child development specialist.

Name Bert Kreischer
Net Worth $3 Million
Age 49
Height (1.77 m)
Weight 86KG (Approx)
Profession Stand-Up Comedian
Date Of Birth November 3, 1972
Birthplace St. Petersburg, Florida
Nationality American
Income $500 Thousand (Annual)
Spouse LeeAnn Kreischer

Prior to going to Florida State University, he attended a private Jesuit high school (FSU). English was Kreischer’s major, and he was a member of the fraternity Alpha Tau Omega.

Career in Comedy

Bert saw stand-up comedy for the first time at Potbelly in Tallahassee. With the intention of pursuing a full-time job, he relocated to New York City. Later, he was employed by the Boston Comedy Club.

He then began his gimmick, which involves performing sans a shirt. He gained notoriety for the tale of how he got his moniker, which includes his involvement with the mafia while on an educational excursion to Russia.

Even if it’s simply a myth and he most likely didn’t visit Russia, humor fans grew familiar with The Machine’s tale. He received invitations to appear on Conan, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and The Late Show with David Letterman as a result of this.

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Private Life

Georgia and Ila, his two children, who he resides in Los Angeles with, are the products of his marriage to LeeAnn.


Kreischer paid $529,000 in 2010 for a Los Angeles property measuring 1,426 square feet and having two bedrooms and a single bathroom.

The house is located in the LA neighborhood of Valley Village. The house is probably now worth more than a million dollars because of upgrades and gentrification in the area.

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The Career of Bert Kreischer

Kreischer relocated to New York City to pursue stand-up comedy after a talent agency requested a recording of one of his performances. At the Boston Comedy Club, which is no longer operational, Kreischer was in charge of the door.

TV hosting

The comic has hosted and co-hosted the following shows:

So, which of the above Bert Kreischer shows do you love the most? The majority of them are travel and talk/interview shows.


Besides Bert Kreischer’s The Machine movie, he has a few movie credits. Below is a list of Bert Kreischer movies worth watching:


What Is the Value of Bert Kreischer?

Bert Kreischer’s net worth was $3 million as of 2022.

When Was Bert Kreischer Born?

Bret Kreischer, who is 49 years old, was born on November 3, 1972.

What Height Has Bert Kreischer?

Bert Kreischer is 1.82 meters (182 cm) tall, or 5 feet 11 inches.

Bret Kreischer’s origin is unknown.

Although Bert Kreischer was born and raised in Tampa, Florida, he now resides in Los Angeles with his wife and two daughters.

Who Is the Wife of Bert Kreischer?

LeeAnn Kreischer is Bert Kreischer’s spouse. She works as an entrepreneur full-time.

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