10 Celebrity Home Design Ideas You Can Implement


Everyone loves the feeling of reaching home. They like enjoying a sense of comfort and relaxation after a hectic day at the workplace. It is quite obvious as a home is where we spend time with our family and ourselves, distancing ourselves from the burdens of one’s spadework.

But what if you could make your home much more than brick and mortar? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to design and shape your home? Why not into something special and unique that reflects your thoughts and ideologies while distinguishing it all together?

We know that no two people have the mind of an artist or the creativity to build something unique.

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So we present to you 10 celebrity home design ideas that you can use to improve your current home. Bring a nice personal touch to it with these in mind. These design ideas will also help you to build your new home as per your needs and imagination.

Living Room –

One of the most important and frequently used areas of the home has to be the living room. Union of family and friends or any kind of activity taking place in the home.

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We use the living room every time without a doubt.

One of the designs is that of Tom Cruise. The living room has a huge Television space with a fireplace below. The sofa is positioned facing the television and surrounding a large central table.

Such an arrangement is useful specifically for ‘ Netflix and chill ’ with your friends and having a blast partying.

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You can enhance the beauty of the living room with paintings and canvas portraits.


Bathroom –

A cold shower in the morning or a warm bath in the evening? You could take any of these to relax your body from fatigue. One should redesign their bathroom completely for the best bathing experience.

Celebrity bath designs such as that of Ronnie Sassoon are what makes us admire the elegance and beauty of bathtubs and jacuzzis. They show us that taking a bath is way more than just pouring water over our bodies.

And let us admit it. Seeing those actresses bathe in those bubble-filled baths has always made us wonder.

Walk-in closets –

We have all been to shopping malls, and those changing rooms always did excite us. The concept of walk-in closets bloomed due to celebrities. They had a plethora of designer clothes in their collection and wanted to show them off.

Walk-in closets are not only convenient but also help us to show the expensive buys.

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We rarely use these but are fond of them. One best example can be that of Kim Kardashian.


Kitchen –

No person can live without food, and the kitchen certainly has its importance in the shaping of a house. Rylan Clark-Neal has one of the best kitchen designs that can be found in the house. An elegant kitchen counter with a central table that is spacious to work.

It is right to say that kitchen tables and countertops are places that create a lot of memories. Memories that we cherish for years.

Wall Trims –

People are not satisfied with just their walls being painted beautifully and the corners or edges sticking out. Today it has become an exclusive part of interior decoration to mount the wall trims to enhance the beauty of these walls while also hiding those unruly edges.

Wall trims can be used as a decorative instrument themselves or accompanied by various canvas portraits and paintings. Canvaspop provides you the option to get your custom-built canvas portraits right from your home. It is an online service with countless options to help you decorate your house with portraits and paintings.

Swimming Pool –

We all know that no luxurious house is complete with a swimming pool absent from it. This is a structure that depicts our monetary richness like nothing else. Who does not want his personal pool swimming like there is no tomorrow?

With celebs displaying their pools on live videos and shorts, everyone wants one. One mind-blowing architecture of the pool is of Serena Williams. So take inspiration and build it now!


Bar counter –

Rich has never been shy about showing off. A usual trend to showcase your influence and power is the presence of a bar counter. A bar counter not only adds to your reputation but also defines your class.

A bar counter is the star of the house that lightens up the room. It is the star of house parties and get-togethers. You would never want to miss out on including it as a primary area of your house after seeing that of Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka.


Wall Hangings and Paintings –

Creativity is a natural human skill that not everyone possesses. But many people have a knack for good art collections and portraits. And my god! They look so fabulous and outstanding in the house.

Canvaspop specializes in custom canvas portraits. It is a great way to turn any photograph you have into a canvas decoration for your living hall. When placed strategically, these wall hangings and portraits multiply the beauty of your house.

Outdoor space –

House is not only about the interior portions that lie within the walls. The outer area surrounding the house is also its part.

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Therefore we cannot neglect the proper maintenance of outside corridors.

The outdoor space is utilized for recreational activities most of the time. It is crucial to demonstrate your creative skills by enhancing the looks of the outside space. Nicely trimmed grass and a simple yet attractive seating arrangement make for a good reading place.

Trudie Styler and Sting seem to have understood this quite well, as seen from her outdoor space arrangements.


Bookshelf –

No interior designer can assume his work to be complete unless there is a bookshelf in the house. Books, man’s best friend and provider of limitless knowledge, need a proper space. One who does not keep his books arranged can never prosper in life.

It matters not if you read all the books or not. What’s more crucial is that books need to be showcased properly. A bookshelf can double up as a decoration as well if utilized properly, as depicted by Andy Cohen.


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