How to Improve Your Virtual Classroom Experience?


When you think of a classroom, your mind creates images of brick and mortar physical rooms with a board, desks, and chairs. But a classroom is no more restricted to its physical location. With the introduction of many eLearning platforms and teaching tools, we have seen a rising shift to virtual classrooms. Trainers are preparing their best courses online for a wider audience that is not bound by distance.

But if you think about it, it is a bit challenging to re-create the aspects of a physical classroom in a virtual setting. What can you do to make virtual classrooms just as engaging and exciting as those with the presence and proximity of peers? There are a few things you can try to improve the overall virtual classroom experience for learners:

Create a learning environment

If you have ever attended virtual lessons, you must have noticed yourself naturally finding a spot where you ended up taking the rest of your lessons as well. This spot is probably where you feel the least distracted. Learners should be encouraged to have a fixed learning area that they associate only with productivity where they can do classes, complete assignments, and review them.

You can also have a schedule for working here. Fix your agendas as per need and check things off your to-do list as your move forward.

Build a peer connection

As mentioned above, peer connection has a considerable impact on the motivation to learn. It keeps you engaged in the learning experience. At times, learners understand better when instructed by peers than by trainers.

When students learn together online, they are more likely to form better structures and ways to help each other, such as ways to guide and be guided. Instructors can assign group projects or conduct group activities to facilitate peer connection among trainees. Not just with the peers, trainers should also have an understanding of each trainee. Regular check-ins and discussions can break barriers and let the learners express themselves free, which in turn will better the experience of those virtual classes.

Use multi-modal learning

In a regular classroom, your students have the opportunity to ask doubts as they occur. It does not necessarily stop the flow of the class. But, this might not be possible through eLearning.

Try to give information in a variety of ways so that you can cater to people with different learning styles. Make the lesson available in more than one way. This could be as easy as downloading each lesson’s transcript. You can also share your PowerPoints, send extra resources to help them learn more, and publish your notes.

It is advisable to use teaching tools like the Adobe connect app that provides features for improving learner engagement in live training sessions. Make polls, and chatrooms, and see the benefits of group collaboration. There are plenty of options to browse. Give students as many ways to find the information they need.

Record your live lessons

Recorded lessons are a major benefit of eLearning courses. At times, learners might skip lessons either due to other commitments, or health issues. If they can have access to recordings of those classes, they can watch them before the next class and utilize the time of the class to clarify their doubts and stay updated with the class.

Many trainers use recorded lessons to improve their learners’ virtual classroom experience. Some might even record to keep a track of what was covered in which class.


Virtual classrooms should not be a reason for learning to stop being fun. With a few technological aids and understanding between trainers and trainees, the overall experience of virtual classrooms can be fulfilling and effective. The educator’s job, here, is to understand and evaluate the technology, use the content in formats more engaging and interesting, and be understanding of their students and themselves as everyone adjusts to the new digital learning era.

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