Matthew Tyler Vorce, Ex-boyfriend of Billie Eilish, has spoken out about the breakup, saying, “Relationships end.” He also denied rumors of any infidelity.


Matthew Tyler Vorce, Ex-boyfriend of Billie Eilish, has spoken out about the breakup, saying, “Relationships end.” He also denied rumors of any infidelity.

It’s finished. The breakup between Billie Eilish and her boyfriend Matthew Tyler Vorce has been confirmed.

Breakups in the Celebrity World in 2022: All the Couples That Ended Their Relationships

On Monday, May 31, the actor, age 30, acknowledged his split with the Oscar winner, age 20, via an Instagram Story post. He denied, though, that he had been unfaithful. No one “cheated on anyone,” he penned. For better or worse, all relationships eventually fade away. Put simply. It’s risky to spread false information and misinformation online.

The star of The Curse of Frank Sinatra urged his fans to concentrate on their own lives rather than prying into his own. He said, “The fact that thousands of individuals spend time out of their day to write the most terrible things on someone they will never knows [sic] posts is the most cowardly thing you can ever do.” Follow your own path.

Billie Eilish's Ex Matthew Tyler Vorce Speaks Out About Cheating Rumors and  Confirms Breakup - Entertainment - Sports - Cricket Dream11 Prediction -  News

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It appears that Vorce was referring to remarks on his Instagram page from “Bad Guy” singer’s fans who were relieved to see the end of their relationship. Having been spotted having coffee together in Santa Barbara, California, the two were initially linked in April of 2021. Eilish, on the other hand, has said nothing about the adultery charges that led to the breakup.

After rumors of his relationship with Eilish began to circulate, Vorce apologized for some old social media remarks that had surfaced. A number of admirers of the “No Time to Die” singer uncovered tweets and Facebook pages in which the Searching for Putty Man actor allegedly used racist and homophobic comments.

In June of 2021, he took to Instagram to say, “I want to apologize for the things that I published on social media in the past.” I apologize for the cruel and reckless language I used; I now realize how deeply offensive it was. Nothing matters if it was a quote, a lyric, or my own stupidity.

She has dated 7:AMP, whose actual name is Brandon Quention Adams, a singer from Los Angeles. The World Is a Little Blurry, a 2021 documentary on Eilish’s relationship with Apple TV+, focused on their relationship. The “Ocean Eyes” singer announced her retirement from music in the movie.

Why did they Split Each other?

On Monday, Billie Eilish’s rumored ex-boyfriend Matthew Tyler Vorce appeared to confirm the breakup and put an end to any cheating speculation with an Instagram story.

Billie Eilish & Matthew Tyler Vorce SPLIT As He Addresses Cheating Rumors

“There was no cheating at all. Failed relationships are inevitable. As easy as that “Written by Vorce, so claims the publication People. It’s risky to spread false information and misinformation online.

Meanwhile, the star of “Mother, May I Sleep with Danger?” seemed to address Eilish’s adoring followers about their reaction to the separation.

“Thousands of individuals spending their time posting hateful messages against an unknown person is the most cowardly thing someone can do. Don’t worry about anyone else’s life but your own, “Vorce shared his thoughts in a private Instagram story.

Reps for Eilish did not immediately respond to an inquiry from Insider.

After being spotted hanging out in Santa Barbara, California in April of 2021, Eilish and Vorce were the subjects of dating rumors.

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Cheating Rumors Led to Billie Eilish’s Breakup with Her Boyfriend.

The relationship between Billie Eilish and her boyfriend ended.

Actor Matthew Tyler Vorce, 30, posted to Instagram on Tuesday to confirm the split rumors and deny any charges of cheating on the 20-year-old hitmaker. He said, “nobody cheated on anyone.”

Billie Eilish and boyfriend Matthew Tyler Vorce broke up - Code List

A relationship can’t last forever. It’s as easy as that,” he remarked. Inciting panic and spreading false information online can have serious consequences.

Later, in response to the hordes of Eilish fans flooding his social media accounts and leaving a seemingly endless stream of negative comments, Vorce wrote, “the fact that thousands of people take time out of their day to write the most heinous things on someone they will never know posts is the most cowardly thing you can do.”

Finally, he said, “Live your own life.”

In April of last year, Eilish and Vorce were seen holding hands and seeming quite close during a brief coffee break in Santa Barbara, California, and the two were immediately paired romantically. However, Vorce appears to be alluding to rumors of a breakup that began to circulate online not long after they had been together for a year.

Prior to this declaration, the exes opted to keep their relationship out of the public eye, with Eilish telling radio host Roman Kemp that she had no interest in sharing details of her private life with the media.

“Even [with the relationships] that I’ve had,” she said back in September, “with the tiny amount that I’ve allowed the world see,” she regrets. “I consider those who have gone public with their relationships only to have it end in heartbreak and wonder, “What if it goes bad?”

In addition, the Grammy winner told Rolling Stone in June of last year that she was “thriving” after ending things with ex-boyfriend Brandon Adams during their When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? tour.

Everything in my immediate vicinity was functioning as it should. Eilish remarked, “I actually started to feel better.” I was overjoyed beyond words.

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